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UE Error in LG Washing Machine – All You Need to Know

Are you getting the UE error code in your washing machine? Don’t worry it’s one of the most common errors displayed in the fully automatic washing machines.

The UE error code displayed on certain conditions when the washing machine operations can’t be able to complete or to restrict drum movement because of some reasons. Mostly the washer won’t spin because of the unbalanced load on that and showed the UE error on LG washing machine.

Not only LG it’s quite common on other brands fully automatic machine also. One can take the following steps to remove the error displaying on the screen.

How to counter UE Error in LG Washing Machine

It can be caused because of unbalanced load, tub position, or wrong leveling of the machine. So, to resolve the error one can try solving these problems first.

  • Try rearranging the clothes inside the drum. Sometime heave items such as bed sheets or jeans can make one side of the drum heavier than others. In such cases you can try rearranging, adding new clothes or removing some in an attempt to balance the load.
  • In case the floor is not leveled well, or there was any kind of slope, you should try leveling the washer by making some adjustments so that the drum can run freely.
  • Sometimes small load can also cause the unbalanced loading on the drum. Assume if you’ve added just one cloth item then the drum will face the burden on one side only. That’s why choosing the best washing machine is one of the primary and most important tasks before making any purchase.
  • In case you got the error while fully loaded the machine then it might be the case of overloading. So, restart the wash cycle after removing some clothes.

Hope these solutions worked for you as these are few of the common reasons to get the UE error in LG washing machine. Restarting the wash cycle after rearranging the load works mostly.

The problem of UE is not only on top loading machines but can also affect the front loading ones. To avoid if one should try adding a few smaller items into the washer, Reduce the spin speed to low.

Apart from that one should wash the same type of fabric clothes in the same cycle to avoid these kinds of error in the future.

Quick points to prevent the UE error code for Different Types Of Wash Loads:

  • Set the washer to bulky or to the large cycle for rugs, towels, sheets, blankets, or pillows.
  • Set the washer to minimize the spin speed.
  • Large Items can be avoided using in the same cycle.

Have a look at the official LG’s tutorial video to tackle such errors in the future.

In case if it didn’t work, you can let us know through the comments section.

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