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5 Things Technology Has Changed for Car Owners

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. It seems that just about every industry in the world has seen some kind of crazy development in recent years. This fact is especially true in the automobile industry. Cars have seen some technological advancements in recent years. Some of these advancements are designed to improve comfort and some are designed to improve safety. Cars today are safer and more luxurious than ever. Companies are also finding ways to add the latest technology to their cars without making the price rise too much. Here are five of the most important technological advancements to occur in cars in recent years.


Rearview camera

Many late model cars, vans, and trucks have a rear facing camera these days. This enables drivers to see what’s behind them in their blind spot when they are parallel parking or backing up into traffic. This is a great safety development that can help prevent drivers from getting into wrecks and having to attend a defensive driving course. The cameras have a green, yellow, and red zone to help indicate how close you are to an object. It will also blink and warn you when you are getting close to hitting something. Anything that helps reduce the number of blind spots is a good thing when it comes to safety in a vehicle.


There used to be a time where people used maps to get where they need to go. Then the Internet had websites like Mapquest and Yahoo maps where people could locate and print out directions to their destination. The next development was the GPS systems that you could take with you in the car. Now, cars are coming already installed with navigation systems that provide turn by turn directions to the driver as they travel to their destination. This is actually extremely safe for drivers that are driving alone because they can keep their eyes on the road and get directions without being overly distracted. On the other hand, people hardly ever have to stop and ask for directions anymore.


Gone are the days of constantly scanning through FM stations on long drives looking for anything that may be even slightly entertaining. Now you can easily play any media that you have on your phone wirelessly through the car’s audio system. Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for clumsy and cumbersome wires and those ineffective adapters that use FM frequencies to play over the radio. It is now much easier and less boring than ever to drive long distances thanks to technology that allows you to stream Spotify or Pandora directly through your car’s audio system. You can listen to any music or podcast that you want with very little interference.

Automated high beam control

Cars now come with front-facing cameras and sensors on their rear view mirrors that can detect oncoming traffic. They can gather this information and control the lights of the car. Nobody wants to blind an oncoming driver when they are driving at night. This technology allows everyone to do that without constantly having to switch back and forth. Additionally, this technology also can help detect pedestrians at night to make the road safer.

The MyKey System

The MyKey system allows parents to control some parameters of the automobiles use while their new teen driver is at the wheel. With this system, parents can govern the top speed of the car, control how loud the audio can be, and even make it so an alarm constantly sounds when their child doesn’t have their seatbelt on yet. This is a groundbreaking technology for new teen drivers and will probably be seen in more and more cars as time goes on.

These are just some of the great technological advancements in newer automobiles. They all improve either the safety or comfort of driving in their vehicles in some way.


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