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How to Overcome Irreversible Back Pain? (With New Technologies for Treating Back Pain)

Back pain has become a rampant problem across all age groups, specifically among the people between the age ranges of 30 to 55years. The vulnerability increases with factors like nature of work, lifestyle, previous surgeries etc. While millions are being spent across the globe to find lasting solution to this chronic problem, there are some who tend to ignore and find temporary solutions making it an irreversible chronic pain which is hard to ignore. While it is completely understandable to want a quick fix to your pain or get a MRI or scan done to put your rogue thoughts at rest, there isn’t a single reliable solution to this worldwide disability. But that also doesn’t mean that one should go through the pain and suffering thinking it is a part of the aging process. There are several corrective measures in your lifestyle or at your workplace and some new advancements in medical technologies which when incorporated cankeep back ache from rearing its ugly head into your life every now and then.

Below are a few ways of overcoming irreversible back pain.

1. Consuming an anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation in the spinal cartilage is one of the major cause of back pain. Consuming anti-inflammatory medicines on a regular basis can cause severe side-effects. A healthier and natural option is to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet into your routine. An anti-inflammatory diet helps in reducing the swelling in and around the discs leading to reduction in pain. A diet of anti-inflammatory food consists of nuts, omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, fruits, green vegetables like spinach, avocado, green tea, etc. Avoiding dairy intake can significantly reduce the inflammation in the body.

2. Corrective circuits and exercises

Our daily habits could be the cause of our back pain without even knowing it. Everyday activities like standing for long periods of time, lifting something heavy, twisting at a wrong angle during workout, sitting for long hours in a bent position could all be a cause of constant back pain.

For people who sit for long hours in front of the computer are advised to take short breaks every hour and do some stretching to keep the spinal mobility intact.

Regular exercise, stretching and using Pure Wave on Blissful Relaxation massager can keep the muscles active and healthy giving core strength to the supporting structures. It also helps in maintaining agility during the aging years.

3. Flawed Fashion Statement

A woman’s purse is a mysterious thing. It can accommodate all the essentials that one can need in any given situation. It is no wonder then that the weight of the purse on the shoulder can result in imbalanced muscle tone around the shoulder and back region. Same stands true of high heels. Wearing high heels often and for longer periods can result in imbalanced posture and puts undue stress on the spine, leading to chronic back pain in the future. It is suggested that a shoulder bag should be no heavier than 10 pounds and heels should be no bigger than 2 inches high to keep back issues at bay.

4. Altering the workout

What works for someone might not work for you, especially in the gym.You may be doing the wrong exercise for your body type which intensifies the pain more rather than alleviating it. You may need to deduce which exercise is causing your more trouble and reduce the intensity of your workout. Do more of light weight exercises which relax your muscles rather than heavy weight ones which put more stress on the lower back leading to muscle imbalance and pain.

5. New technology to block back pain

There’s a promising new technology from Klinik MS Insight which helps in blocking the debilitating back pain to quite an extent. It’s a spinal cord stimulator which blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. The device is implanted in the spinal column which creates high frequency stimulations at low amplitudes which blocks pain signals completely.

It is unlike the older versions which are available in the market which produce tingling sensation and unpleasant vibrations. This new technology is tingling free and doesn’t vibrate that much. This device holds better promises for relieving pain especially in the lower back region despite numerous surgeries.

6. Releasing mental stress

Holding onto grudges, anger, resentment can cause mental stress for sure but it can also have a debilitating effect on your body too. Certain studies show that people who don’t forgive easily and have pent up emotions are more likely to have aches and tensed muscles leading to pain. Replace feelings of anger and resentment to understanding and forgiveness towards the other person. It probably does more good to you than the other person involved.

7. Meditation and Yoga

Tensed muscles and stressed mind both can be relieved with regular meditation and yoga. Incorporating it into your daily routine can have huge positive effects on your mind and body, relieving it of stress and tightness in any part of the body. You’ll be better prepared for the challenges that come to you throughout the day leading to reduced stress and more efficiency.

As Todd Sinnet says in his book “The truth about back pain” that ‘Back pain is rarely one catastrophic event, but several situations combining to create pain’. It would be a good idea to figure out the actual cause of your back pain and then work towards correcting it and making several lifestyles changes along the way to lead a healthy and a pain-free life.

Even if you have irreversible back pain, using the above techniques will help you in reducing the intensity of the pain significantly and the occurrence to a few days in a month or two. It is important to keep working out and keeping your muscles active. Undertaking some adaptations at your workplace, avoiding intense workout and lifting heavy weights along with strengthening your core muscles with the help of stretches, yoga, exercises can definitely reduce the occurrence of back pain.

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Claire Penny: Backchairs Direct offers workplace ergonomic solutions, including Office chairs for bad backs, furniture and other posture improving accessories. Claire supports Backchairs Direct with their marketing and sales. She enjoys the study of ergonomics and understands the benefits a correct seating solution can bring to the user.

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