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The principles of social media customer care [Infographic]

Just because you a great businessperson with big ideas, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a natural with all the software and technology you need to make your business flourish. There’s nothing wrong with that! Big businesses have big teams to deal with the diverse challenges of the modern economy – but small businesses have the freedom to learn and adapt to today’s culture.

Nowhere is this opportunity more prominent than in the world of social media marketing. Requiring web skills, people skills, and an up-to-date understanding of online etiquette, dealing with your customers via social media can seem a complex challenge before you get started. But the great thing about the web, and about social media in particular, is that it is constantly evolving – and there is a huge community who are all growing with it together. There are no strict right-or-wrong answers; it’s just useful to keep some principles in place.

For example, if you’re not a big Facebook or Twitter user, your instinct may be that these are frivolous platforms, and that you needn’t take a complaint received here seriously. In fact, it is possible that a public complaint such as this could do your company great damage if ignored, as other customers and potential clients see the anger of the first complainant rising, and you offer no explanation or attempt to rectify the issue.

Unfortunately, such complaints are highly time-sensitive. You need to respond within an hour, if possible, even if you only reply to acknowledge the complaint and to give an estimated timeframe for its resolution.

If this is the kind of thing that is new to you, or you’re not sure how best to proceed once you have acknowledged a complaint, you’ll love this new infographic by Headway Capital. Offering a complete rundown of how to take care of angry customers on social media, it’s the one document you need when it comes to perfecting your business’s approach to social media customer care.

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