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The nine popular social media platforms: How to use each platform for your business

Many people have a particular preference for social media platforms. Maybe it is because it is easier for them to understand and use. But what if you learn how to use all nine platforms simultaneously? That’s a lot of weapons in your arsenal, especially for a business establishment.

This article teaches you about the different social media platforms best for your business. They are all good, depending on how you use them.

Why are they important?

You need to be able to use some of these platforms to increase sales and generate more profit. Yes, social media has made life that easy.

Before, you needed a physical store where customers would walk in to make purchases. But today, nobody has time to visit stores as they can buy whatever they need online. This has made online marketing even more important.

Since social media is one of the most frequented destinations online, it makes sense then for businesses to get a presence on virtually all the social media platforms available.

The following are the most popular social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Instagram
  5. TikTok
  6. Telegram
  7. Snapchat
  8. Pinterest
  9. Twitter

The most popular of these social platforms include Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok.

How do you pick?

Given that each platform serves a distinct purpose, it is difficult to say which is superior to the other. You will have to establish your goals to help you make your decision. All that matters is what you as a business want to achieve from using this platform.

How can you make these goals?

These are a few tips to guide you in developing your goals by looking at all the social media platforms.

You must first recognize who your primary audience is. These are the people that will want to buy your products. You need to understand which social platforms will connect you to them.

You also need to understand their behavior on these platforms, like their interactions, engagement, etc., to assist you in selecting a social media platform to pick.

It won’t make sense to join any social platform without carefully understanding your users.

Secondly, look at the statistics of such social platforms. Some social media tend to grow in terms of users, and some look like it will grow but won’t. This is why you have to look at the statistics of these platforms.

Don’t just jump into this platform without doing proper research about it. It might not go well for your business in the end.

Finally, pick the social media platform that aligns with your business goals. You need to choose the one that fits the description of your business.

Your goal might be to sell more products and create more awareness for your business. You will have to pick between Instagram or Facebook as it is easier to post your products and get the necessary Engagement from them.

Let’s talk about the types of social media platforms and the features you can use for your business. There are quite a number of features that you can adopt or integrate into your business.

A social media platform that comes with video features

These platforms allow you to create exciting video content for your page. This video content may include interviews, live videos, product ads, etc.

These platforms include YouTube, Instagram stories and reels, TikTok, etc.

Using a platform like this will help increase your brand exposure. Many people will get to see your content faster. Video content also helps to create a relationship between you and your buyers. You can even use them to pass informative content to your followers.

In a nutshell, the goals of video content are to educate, entertain, and inspire your followers.

Speaking of followers, you may need to invest a few bucks into purchasing some of them to give your video content the exposure it needs to reach more people.

For example, if you’re leveraging the Instagram video feature, it may be wise to buy followers on Instagram in your early days from So that your videos can enjoy some much-needed engagement as soon as you publish them.

Social platforms that come with audio features

There are just a handful of these social media platforms that come with the audio feature. Social media platforms like clubhouse, Spotify, and recently Twitter space.

How can you use this feature?

It’s not that hard; all you are required to do is create a space where you will be the host. You can then ask other people to join and discuss different topics. For businesses, it is effective for them to talk about their products and services to their customers. It allows them to understand their customer’s pain points and improve their business. It also helps to bring significant traffic to your page.

The following are what you can do with this feature:

  • Co-host sessions with other businesses
  • Record live sessions for others to listen to later on.
  • Host interactive sessions with your audience.
  • Build your audience.

Disappearing content features

This tool allows you to post content for a limited amount of time. The feature works within 24 hours, after which the post will disappear. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn stories all use this feature.

If you are familiar with Snapchat, you will notice that messages don’t last for more than 24. However, you can decide to turn this off in your settings. It all depends on you and what you want.

You can use these features for your business to post announcement videos, teasers, live evenings, Behind the Scenes content, etc

Discussion forums

It is almost similar to that of the clubhouse and Twitter spaces. The only difference is that you can use it to create an online community based on your niche and interest-based topics. It can also be used to ask questions and get answers from other users.

Social platforms like Quora and Reddit are examples of discussion forums. As a business, you can use this platform to answer your business or industry questions. You can answer the questions and then add links to your business website. But you must ensure that you don’t primarily promote your business.

Shoppable social media platforms and features

Platforms like this allow you to shop from different stores on their page. Take this as a physical but in this case; it is online. One can shop from social media, including Instagram shops, Shopify, TikTok, Pinterest products pins, etc.

As a business, you can benefit from this feature by creating your online store. Using these platforms, you generate a lot of sales for your products. You can also use this social media platform to accomplish:

  1. Social selling
  2. E-commerce
  3. Retargeting, such as building customized audiences based on those who have interacted with your Facebook/Instagram Shops
  4. Limited edition releases, such as posting on social media about an exclusive product launch and linking to or tagging the item in your product catalog

What’s more? You can use some of these platforms to live stream shopping events for customers to buy goods.

Social media live streams

Another essential tool that social media platforms come with. Businesses can use this tool to live stream events to their customers. They can use it to hold Q & A sessions with their customers.

Also, it allows businesses to reveal exclusive products to their followers. It is also an excellent way to drive organic traffic to your page. Examples of platforms with live streaming features include Twitch, YouTube, Instagram Live Rooms, Facebook Live, and TikTok.

Business social media platforms

This social media platform can be used by businesses to employ talents, improve B2B relationships, and connect to top professionals. Generally, these platforms can be used for the professional aspect of your business. Businesses can also use them to meet new customers and do business with them.

LinkedIn and Twitter are two social media platforms businesses can use to achieve this.

Closed/private community social media platforms

This is another social platform that can be of benefit to businesses. It allows companies to create groups. These groups serve as a place where companies can answer questions. Additionally, businesses can use it to enhance conversations at work.

It will help team members work better and effectively. Examples of these social platforms include Slack, Discourse, and Facebook groups.

Inspirational social media platforms

Businesses can use social platforms like this to Personalize pictures, inspire their target market with information catered to their tastes, and incorporate their items when appropriate.

They can also group their content into playlists, collections, tags, and guides to create relevant topics for their audience.

Examples of such platforms include Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Finally, suitable keywords should be used, as this social platform is well-optimized for searches. This is why you have to do proper research on keywords that match your audience.

In conclusion

Depending on the platform you choose, ensure that they along with your goals as a business. Do not just pick any platform because you see other companies doing it. Carry out intensive research on all social media. However, some of these platforms are necessary for your business, while so are not. Nevertheless, using everything if you can is not a bad idea. Finding a balance with this social platform is all that matters. See you next time!!!

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