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How Mobile App Can Assist in Lead Generation

If you think you can draw in a large number of leads only through the web and social media, you must be missing on some vital lead reports. Mobile apps are crucial for your overall marketing strategy and serve you as a prominent lead generation source. In fact, in many ways mobile apps are even more operative and effective than any other means, prompting better communication and reach connecting with users in a more personalized and localized manner.

With new players coming in more frequently than ever and users getting more particular with their choices, your business needs to invent new traits and introduce new propositions to win its share of customer loyalty and trust. And in this figure of role, a mobile app can bring you enough possibilities to viably connect with your audiences – making your business achieve a sustainable number of qualified leads.

Earning through a mobile app is no more a distant thought! Here’s how it can help you with lead generation in 5 ways:


Localization does wonders for your business. With localized feeds based on user location, phone carrier, demographics you can funnel a profile which you can pitch for your personalized services. Further, when you know where they are at the moment and when they are available to interact with, you can approach them with individualized CTA’s and advertising vents.

Engagement Drivers

Make your users subscribe to your app and keep them served by promotional offers and discounts from time to time. These can be free coupons and waivers or any gift offered to them to participate on an app-promoted event or maybe sharing their information with you – making them feel special and trusted. And that is great for your lead count!

2-Step Registration Process

Keep your form simple breaking registration process into 2 parts at least. Just ask your users to fill basic information like Name and Email Address in the first part so that they feel easy without having second thoughts with that. Once they show some willingness to further utilize your services and offerings, make them fill further details. This is a proven method to offer more chances at conversion.

Responsive Numbers

Put your call support or direct business number in a prompting tap-able format. Make it respond to the triggers in a receptive manner and club it with a clear unforced confirmation message for high user experience. This way you will be able to make the most of the most of it – allowing you better chance to generate more of leads.

Push Notifications

As per a study, when timed appropriately, push notifications have as high as 80% of open rate. Which is just 20% in case of email notifications. High difference that is! And the best thing about mobile notifications is they are mostly opened and read on the spot, so you engage them with fresh news and updates. Which eventually translates into better response rate from your user.


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Tushar Vijay serves as a content specialist (marketing strategy) at Konstant Infosolutions, a leading app development company serving businesses at a global level. Here to share insights over business, technology and latest trends in his admired space of exploration and work. Feel free to reach him out on Twitter.

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