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The Guide To Mobile App Marketing

A mobile application is a reliable way to attract and keep the attention of customers on your product. According to a Yahoo survey, 90% of users prefer a mobile version of the site. However, the promotion of applications is still not included in the top marketing services.

Which Apps to Promote?

Today there are 4,400,000 applications in stores. If you do not want yours to get lost among them, think about its value to the user. Here are some types of applications that it makes sense to create and promote.

Applications with current information. These are navigators, booking services, news portals. The user does not have time to search and study, offer him information on a saucer with a border of unobtrusive footer advertising.

Applications for ordering products. Lunches, taxis, flowers – everything that can be purchased with an enviable frequency. The user downloads your application and orders only from your app.

Help apps. Banking services, auto support (manufacturer application, service center, dealer network), applications of medical institutions. Convenience and speed will detain the user on your services, and you will analyze his actions (and needs!) within your application.

Timekiller applications. Services for viewing movies, games, libraries, electronic journals. The user craves spectacles. If the application falls into his interests, he is willing to pay for it.

If your application falls into this list, it’s time to get down to business.

How To Prepare an App for promotion?

Before you start the advertising process, make sure that the application is ready and starts up quickly, all sections look and work on different screen formats. The user does not need a negative experience with the application, and you do not need a low rating. It directly affects the number of downloads.

Work through the title: Ideally, use different names for the store and the smartphone. For the first, come up with a name that will help in the promotion. Do not use a name that is too long (no more than 30 characters) and do not overdo it with keywords, otherwise, store owners will refuse to publish you.

Think over the icon: It should be remembered and associated only with your goods/services.

Make a description: A short, informative description with keywords is enough.

Create screenshots: Add for each brief description of the functional.

Remove the demo video: A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even more expensive. It will demonstrate how to use the application. 52% of users decide to purchase the application after watching the video (Invodo study).

Install the tracker. Analyzing the performance of the application and improving them – this is what you have to do all the time. Important indicators: the number of users who entered the application (DAU), the level of customer retention (retention rate), frequently used functions and advertising channels with the highest conversion.

Here are some services that will help with analytics applications.

App Annie is a free platform for analyzing the mobile application market. Gives information on the sales of mobile products in the world, sales by countries and stores, data on the number of downloads, user demographics, etc.

Flurry is a free service that tracks traffic sources and provides internal analytics. Flurry segments your audience, shows the frequency of use, retention rate, errors that occur and conversion funnels.

Tune is a partially paid platform, contains tools for cohort analysis, informs about installation income (RPI), builds campaign progress charts. But at the same time, it transmits information about the conversion to any third party.

AppFollow is a paid service for collecting and analyzing reviews in app stores. You can use the free version with a minimum of features.

Mobile Action is a paid tool for ASO (App Store optimization) and analytics. Convenient to research competitors.

After every detail is taken into account and configured, you can connect promotional tools.

The Promotion Process

The main promotion rule: use several advertising channels. Only 40% of mobile users are looking for apps through search in the store (Google study). The rest use YouTube and blogs, trust advertising in online training. Therefore, use different tools: banners, pre-rolls, PR articles, etc. There are five mandatory processes that should be launched at the start of an advertising campaign.

Get the application page in social networks. They are easy to find future customers with targeted advertising. Be sincere with the subscribers and do not praise yourself, ask for feedback and work with it.

Place in all stores. This tip is suitable for applications on Android OS. Google Play is the largest and most visited, but it won’t be superfluous to load your app into the Amazon app store and the Samsung Galaxy app.

Play on reviews. Do not wait until someone decides to write a review, take the initiative. Ask the user if they liked the app. If so, forward it to the store asking for feedback. If not, provide an email to get full feedback. And don’t forget to study it and optimize the app if necessary.

Come up with a discount offer to launch the application. Even if you’ve created a paid app, give it away for free or at a reduced price for the first week. This will give you extra coverage, and customers.

Try the services to promote. Automated services will save at least your time, at most-advertising costs. Below are some of them.

Releadgion buys mobile traffic from social networks. It has tools to quickly create ads, run tests and optimize campaigns, and two weeks of free access.

AdvertMobile is engaged in search engine promotion of the application in Google Play and App Store. Provides a personal assistant Manager. Separately, you can buy the installation and positive feedback.

StartAd is a free cross-promotion platform. Loads banners of other applications registered in the system into the application.

And finally. The presence of the application does not exempt from responsibility for the quality of the site and its equally high-quality mobile version.

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