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Top 5 Tips for Video Surveillance System Maintenance

According to Statista, the security and surveillance technology is a $86+ billion industry nowadays. And it’s growing every year as the tech becomes more accessible and people recognize its value. If you are one of those forward-thinking enough to protect your home with a top-notch video surveillance system, you need to understand that simply installing cameras isn’t enough. You have to maintain them in top condition to ensure that these devices are truly able to secure your home.

Inspect and clean the cameras weekly

It doesn’t matter how high the quality of your cameras is, they can be damaged. Therefore, you need to check them regularly to make sure they are in perfect working order. While you are at it, pick up a microfiber cloth and clean them carefully.

Do this once a week to prevent dust obscuring the lens and ruining the video. Pay attention to any signs of corrosion or cracks on the cameral installed outside. You should inspect their mounts for damage as well. Run an additional check after any storm or other event that might have caused any damage.

Inspect cable connections monthly

If there are any cables involved in your security surveillance system, you should check them at least once a month. This can be tricky if you use spy gadgets hidden around the house. Therefore, you should buy those types of cameras wireless.

When inspecting cables, pay attention to any outward signs of damage but also deformation of the cable itself. This can happen when it’s damaged on the inside and the lining covers visible signs of broken wires.

Check your video recordings occasionally

Even if nothing happens and there is no reason for you to study your home security footage, you should do this occasionally. This way, you’ll be able to make sure that the system works fine and records videos properly.

Do this immediately after software updates to make sure there are no glitches that can bring the system down. You should also run a full system check if you use different security solutions and only one of them gets an update. This is necessary to ensure the change didn’t compromise the system as a whole.

Reconsider camera positions

With your video surveillance system up and running, you’ll be able to evaluate the camera angles better than when the system is a scheme on paper. This means that a part of your maintenance should be reconsidering the layout. Can you make it better? Which angles aren’t covered? Should you get additional cameras?

While thinking about this, you should also consider changing the location of outdoor cameras. This will help protect you from burglars who develop plans by observing your security systems.

Trim the bushes

The video surveillance system maintenance isn’t only about the devices. You also need to make sure that every camera has a clear view. This means you should trim bushes and trees as well as watch any other landscaping elements that might obscure the camera’s view.

As you can see, maintaining your video surveillance system is rather simple, but you have to make an effort and stick to a regular schedule if you want it to truly protect your home.

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