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Why Criminal History Checks are Necessary

Being the victim of a bad hire can be really frustrating for the company as you are not risking the integrity of the company, but your resources are also going in waste. Hiring managers don’t hire felons or individuals with a criminal history on purpose, but not doing police checks is also a deadly mistake by HR.

The criminal history check as a critical part of the hiring process can save you from recruiting any applicant with a criminal past. Originations must ensure no discrimination on the basis of the past criminal records, yet knowing about the nature of the crime is also a must for the HR.

Police Checks for Applicants

With every job vacancy announcement, you are opening the company’s doors for the stranger. On the very first day, they are going to have access to your private information and company records. No company can afford a bad hire, so failing to conduct a criminal history check can sabotage your business reputation if something goes wrong.

You are not protecting your company but the privacy of your customers too. If your employees conduct any criminal activity regarding the possession or the privacy of your clients, you might have to deal with consumer court matters.

Police Checks are required by Law

The Australian government requires some specific domains of the service providers to have strict criminal history checks (e.g. aged care providers). Knowing about the past criminal records of any employee allows the organizations to deploy trusted personnel for jobs that require the privacy and safety of the consumer.

Verification of the Personal Credentials

No one would like to say bad about himself, and that’s a big issue for the employers when it comes to hiring new employees. You cannot count on a mere CV to trust the applicant. From educational details to criminal history, the applicant can falsify any information.

People lie to make them look better on a CV, but that can hurt your organization. A police check can help you to rule out applicants who are not trustworthy.

Reduce Workplace Violence

The behavior of your employees at the workplace is highly related to their previous actions. If someone has been charged for any kind of domestic violence, they are probably going to make trouble at your workplace too. If you want to make your workplace safer for everyone, a simple online criminal history check can save your organization from being a victim of violence.

Reduce the Risk Factor

People with criminal past are no threat to your company, but lying about their past is something serious that must be dealt with professionally. If someone tends to lie about their criminal past, they are more likely to practice the same crime again. Having police checks for the employees can be a smart move towards a safer workplace with minimal risk.


Hiring professionals for police check is the best thing to make the hiring process safe and efficient. The hiring process is critical for business success, and you cannot afford to compromise the process at any cost.

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