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Technology used by casinos

Casinos have long been the target of cheats and crooks, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar casino or an online one. In order to combat the efforts of the criminals, casinos have adopted a whole range of security measures to ensure their players, as well as the integrity of the games they are hosting, remain safe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sat at the blackjack table in the casino, or sat at home playing online poker, there will be technology involved to help keep the game going, or to keep the game safe and secure. Here, we take a look at some of the technological advancements which have helped to improve the casino experience.

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Facial recognition

A fairly obvious one to get us started, facial recognition cameras are often adopted by casinos nowadays to help identify people who they’ve previously thrown out or banned. Before these cameras, it may well have been easy enough to put on the cliché fake moustache and glasses in order to remain disguised, but not anymore – the eye in the sky will catch you.

These cameras enable security to pick the cheats and track their movements, before allowing security to swoop in and escort them from the premises. The cameras help casinos to reduce their losses, while also allowing honest players a better chance of winning.

Casino chips

While it may be hard to believe, casinos have taken the step to introduce technology into the humble casino chip. While in days gone by it was easy enough to clone and duplicate copies of casino chips, the introduction of RFID chips has changed the game in a big way.

The RFID microchips are the same kind that are used on pets in order to find out where they are when lost. These microchips are embedded into the casino chips and allow the casinos to track where their chips are, should any be stolen.

The genius thing about these chips is that if the casino turns off the trackers, they become worthless to whoever has them, reducing the appeal of stealing them in the first place.

Online casinos

The advent of the internet has both helped and hindered casinos. It has offered them a way to reach more people, while also having a negative effect on the number of people visiting their brick and mortar casinos.

The advantage of playing online is that it allows players to save on the costs of travelling and simply relax and play a few games at home. The disadvantage is that online players don’t get to experience the thrill of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino, although, this is something that could be about to change.

As technology including augmented and virtual reality starts to become mainstream, it is very likely that the big players in the casino industry will cash-in to make their brand more popular. Such technology would allow the player to stay at home while providing a similar feel to that you’d get at a land-based casino.

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