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Published on August 21st, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Top 4 Modern Stair Lighting Ideas

Plan lighting ideas during a staircase design stage. This is beneficial because the styles need to be installed before plastering. Plan the fixing point if you want a desiring outcome. Staircase lighting can be functional or for décor purposes.

Do not overdo it if it is for decorations purposes. Remember you want to achieve a simple outstanding finish. Light your staircase sufficiently ensures it is as bright as the rest of your house or home.

1. Wall Lights

Installing lights on your staircase is a good idea. However, it is not advisable to install them in or around the treads if you have a narrow staircase. Therefore, wall lights are a good option for such a staircase. Homes vary in décor. Hence it is advisable to opt for a style that matches your general décor.

If you want the ambient lighting to illuminate both upwards and downwards, a wall light is an ideal choice because it sits well against the wall. Wiring is also easy on the walls because most people choose wall lights for their staircases.

2. Lighting On The Ceiling

If there is no second staircase above the first, this idea becomes realistic for wiring reasons. People like making big statements when it comes to lighting their staircases. It goes well with a feature lighting with a big pendant for a complementary look.

A small pendant is not just unattractive but doesn’t provide enough lighting. A long drop light is perfect if placed right in the center if the stair void is open or spacious.


3. Lighting On The Rails

Light your stairway in an invisible way with this idea. It ensures the rails aren’t visible when not lit. The strips are often placed or built into the handrails to achieve the invisible lighting on the rails.

The height of the handrail determines how excellent lighting is distributed and illuminated on both sides of the rails. Handrails on a staircase give it a stylish look.

4. Discreet Lighting

Opt for a subtle approach with effective staircase lighting under the tread. Depending on your choice, consider installing the strips under the stairs to achieve a warm glow on every step. Stairs have different shapes, so cut the height of strips according to the shape of yours.

Dim the strips if you want to achieve ambient lighting for your stairs. Not all stairs are set near walls. In such a case, ensure the lights are embedded into the staircase to produce a glowing line. Discreet lighting is best for stairs often subjected to heavy footfall and thus illuminates dark stairs.

In addition to all the above stair lighting ideas, you can always add color to your stair lighting to change the atmosphere and ambiance of your staircase. This idea is a great way of building your personality and letting it reflect in your own space. Add some marble clad on the staircase as a great way of achieving a perfect and effective eye-catching finish.

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