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Published on June 6th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Selling on WooCommerce? Use These Tips to Ship Faster & Save Money

Are you using the popular WooCommerce platform to sell your products and subscriptions online? If so, chances are that a large part of your day is spent fulfilling products and shipping them to eager customers. But if you are not managing your outbound logistics properly, you could be experiencing higher than average returns due to accuracy issues, and you are likely paying too much for postage, too. To help you make the most of your online store, here are some timeless tips you can apply right away.

Consolidate Your Outbound Shipments

Firstly, you’ll want to consolidate your outbound shipments. What does this mean? Well, seeing as the average outbound shipment weighs under 5 pounds, it means that it easily fits the demographic for USPS Priority Mail services. This means that you can get all your boxes for free (and delivered for free each month by the post office), and you can get the post office to come and pick up those packages. This service means no more trips for you, and a lot less money spent on packing supplies, with guaranteed 3-day delivery for your customers.

Optimize Your Pick & Pack Station

If your pick and pack station is disorganized, it’s not doing you any favors. An efficient, properly stocked and well-managed pick and pack station is a must-have in today’s ecommerce world. If your staff is not efficiently fulfilling packages, reassess the setup of your station, integrate a workflow chart, spend time training staff and consider using all-in-one labels, which include the peel-out label and the invoice and comment card on a single sheet (saves about half the time to fulfill packages).

Streamline Efficiency with Automation

The number one reason why Amazon is number one in ecommerce is: Automation. Sure, we can’t all afford to have robots auto-fulfilling packages. But what we can do is automate tedious processes and elements by integrating the right WooCommerce shipping software into the mix. The right software helps you set automators, delivers better savings on postage, generates your shipping labels, and even updates your customers with tracking numbers. Make sure you look at software that doesn’t require a plugin, as that can slow down your site.

Accommodate for High Volume Days

What days do you host flash sales? What about seasonality? Did you know that these days are the days most online retailers get clobbered? Instead, plan ahead. Ramp up your employees at the pick and pack stations to accommodate for these busier days and sales cycles. After all, customers are not patient when it comes to waiting for their orders to be delivered, especially when other companies promise 3-day delivery.

Getting your shipping system in order isn’t rocket science. With a little bit of due diligence, some pre-planning and perhaps a bit of hands-on training with your staff, you can incorporate a more efficient and superfluous outbound process that results in happier customers and improved loyalty.

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