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Fogo, the Gadget to Safely Copy Bear Grylls

We all know Bear Grylls, the daredevil that (supposedly) rams into the wilderness with the courage of a thousand men, and survives with nothing but what nature has to offer. Of course that he has a crew with him and all, but that is irrelevant for this purpose: we all would like to have the skills for that.

An important thing to keep in mind is how dangerous nature can be, especially for the most unprepared people, so it is a good thing to always pack the essential items when going on a similar adventure. The problem with this is that those items take up a lot of room, which messes with all the logistics. But Fogo, the high-tech Swiss Army knife, can give a little help to solve this.

The project, whose name comes from the Portuguese word for “fire”, is looking for funds on Kickstarter and, so far, has raised almost $30,000 from the $125,000 requested by the team behind Fogo, with 26 days still to go. This unique gadget offers a set of features that will, undoubtedly, be important for every adventurer out there.

GPS, digital compass, powerful LED flashlight, 6800mAh USB battery, customizable OS based on apps, built-in Bluetooth that easily connects with smart sensors like heart rate monitors and smartphones, and a digital walkie talkie to voice and text to friends, as well as automatic location sharing, are just some of them.

Despite all this, Fogo can still reach higher grounds: the team behind it is releasing a SDK (Software Development Kit) for the device, which means that everyone can develop apps for Fogo, which can be truly game changing. Fogo also has some additional accessories, that can be purchased on the side: GoPro and Garmin Edge mounting adapters, belt/backpack clip and a custom lanyard.

Fogo is a promising project filled with potential, that we hopefully will hear more about and, soon enough, find on shelves to buy.

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