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5 Innovative Wearable Projects on Kickstarter for Better Health

Wearable technology has a massive influence on the way we see life today. It helps us with communications and fitness related tasks. Wearables are not only smartwatches you wear on your wrist as many might think – it permeates into every area of personal health.

In this article, we are going to look at a couple of the most innovative wearable projects on Kickstarter. Especially those pertaining to health. They are designed to improve every aspect of health from prevention head injuries to improving sports performance. Not only are these wearable projects a success when it comes to crowdfunded projects, they also help users around the world.

Without further ado, below are our top 5 picks.

JOLT Sensor

In the world of sport, an injury is something we can now avoid with the help of technology. Concussions play a major role in the NFL. While reported incidents of concussions may be down from 190 to 135, many concussions might still slip under the radar.

Created by Ben Harvatine following a wrestling concussion, the Jolt Sensor started out as a simple engineering project at MIT. The funding has already reached the goal of $60,000 but if you still like to participant, you can now pre-order on Kickstarter.

The Sensor itself is somewhat small and clips into the headgear of any sports gear you are using. It works with a mobile APP that can be connected to coaches and parents with notifications of dangerous impacts. Additionally, the APP includes a symptom checker and evaluation that can be done on the sideline. This is much like the HIA currently used in contact sports.

AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket

The cold can be daunting and none of us like to be outside in the cold. The AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket was born to help you with temperature control from a mobile APP. While it might be a smaller project that only requires around $10,000 in funding, it is one that could revolutionize the outdoor world.

The jacket itself features a heating pad that is connected to your mobile device and controlled by an APP. It indicates the current body temperature of an individual and allows you to adjust it to the right setting. A 2015 report suggests that 1.8 out of every 100,000 American dies from Hypothermia in the last decade. This self-warming jacket can be a real lifesaver.

Jarvish Smart Motorcycle Helmet:

Do you really need a more sophisticated motorcycle helmet than the ones available? The Jarvish Smart Motorcycle Helmet is designed to bring to life the technology we see in movies. It is one of the fastest growing projects eclipsing the required funding by almost 1000%.

It features Amazon Alexa Integration for complete and accurate directions to ensure that you never miss a turn again. The Carbon Fiber shell adds to the durability and with multiple cameras, you will know exactly what is going on around you. The unit works with a smart APP on your mobile device and includes Gyroscopic technology to ensure you never get disoriented.

QUS Smart Shirt

The QUS Smart Shirt is an innovative project that will help monitor your entire body with little to no effort. Since having a few straps can be frustrating, this shirt is designed to monitor everything at once. Some of the features include your heart rate and even calorie consumption. The project has been fully funded, but any new funding is welcome.

Since the unit can be washed in a normal washing machine, it adds a lot of versatility. Many people have associated it with having your very own training partner by your side. Not only is it designed for men, but a bra has been integrated to ensure more comfort for females as well.

Emit Productivity Watch

Smartwatches offers way more benefits than telling time and activity tracking. Now we can use the wrist device to increase productivity as well. The Emit Productivity Watch is designed to specifically focus on your productivity. It does not connect to any other APPS that could cause you distractions. It includes a wide variety of timers that are linked to your calendar as well.

While the funding has already been reached, you can still help to make the project progress even more. According to a study, almost 19% of Americans arrive late for work at least once a week. Now you can avoid this trend and stay away from potentially being fired.


Innovation is the way forward to improve quality of life and wearable technology has enabled us to accomplish more than we have ever imagined. These are five of the best projects on Kickstarter that proves the infinite pontential of wearable technology in improving our wellbeing.

Let us know what you think of these projects and if they might be a success. Leave a few comments if you like to notify us of any other great innovative projects that could take wearables to the next level.

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