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Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Beginning of Wearable Technology with Smart Jackets

Wearable technology or fashion technology is a prevalent trend in both the technology as well as the fashion realm. These are wearable items that are technologically smart and also enhanced fashionably. They can be worn as scions to usual fashionable wear or even as accessories to the normal clothing. Most common instances of wearable technology are the smartwatches and the activity trackers. The wearable jacket is another one of those fashion technologies that has come up to par at the fashion market. In the recent times, these smart clothing have taken a big leap with invent of intelligent jackets. Smart jackets have brought about a major revolutionary factor in the fashion realm.

Smart Jackets: Advent of Wearable Technology

Technology has become such a drug to humans recently that among any 2 objects that are offered to a person, he/she will most probably go for the one which is technologically more advanced. These smart jackets have come up as a major over wear fashion trend which also benefits the users with many technological advantages. They often even have small remotes or controllers that can be used for the basic functioning of the technical aspects of the smart jacket. The usual over clothing that people wear like blazer jacket, windcheaters or even the overcoats, are fashionable but they don’t have the tech benefits that a smart coat provides you. An intelligent jacket isn’t any robotic wear full of wires. They are stylish jackets with the extra advantage of varied technical aspects.

Jackets are the new stronghold of the smart fashion world. They enable the technological fashion trend to spread its wings and grow the reach into the modern market. Some of the major features that are provided in smart jackets are as follows:

  1. Working out benefits – most of the smart jackets have a carbon fiber material stitched into the fabric. This makes the jacket durable and gives it better longevity from wear and tear. You can go workout with them and also go for rugged adventures in them without fearing to spoil the jackets. Often these jackets have temperature controlling features through which your body temperature can be kept optimum and give you a better standard of comfort during your adventures and workouts. The smart jackets generally also have an activity tracker which is quite beneficial during an exercise. These jackets are mostly waterproof and also flexible which can be used without fearing water and also can be washed.
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  2. Music – music is a major factor of human life today, through the hectic busy systematic schedule. These jackets facilitate you to listen to your favorite music with ease and comfort. You don’t have to do any of those days work that is so hectic like picking out your phone from your pocket or untangling your earphones, for listening to music. Some of these jackets have a special pocket where when your phone is put in; the music starts playing automatically. These jackets may also have an in-built earphone panel at the neck from where you can pull out the untangled earphone and relish your music. These jackets have phone charging facilities, so you don’t even need to worry about your charge draining away.
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  3. GPS Tracking Device – these jackets are perfect for the careless and inattentive people. You needn’t worry about losing your jacket or any pick-pocketing when you’re in these comfortable and fashionable jackets. You can sync your phone to the jacket and also set a proximity marker on your bag or luggage. In case of theft or absence of mind, the alarm will be set off which will remind you to pick up what you were about to leave out on. In case of theft, the jacket will not only alarm you but gives you a good chance of recovering your things.
  4. Smartphone Sync Facility – you have the facility to sync up your smartphone with the jacket. This enables you to play music, auto-share contacts, speed dial and other facilities at a single click. There are automatic plug-less phone chargers in some pockets which don’t let your phone battery drain. These functions can all be performed without having to take out the phone from your pocket. In case your phone is lost, you can get it back as the phone is synced to your jacket. You can track down the phone through the proximity or GPS tracker in the jackets.
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  5. Benefits While Commuting or Travelling – while traveling or commuting from one place to another there are many things that you need to carry as they are necessary for your daily lives. These are things like chargers, earphones, and others. With the smart jackets, you won’t need to tag along most of these things as it will all be available in your smart jacket. If you take your smart jacket, it will be enough for all these purposes. Most of these jackets have an inbuilt charger as well as earphones. These are fashionable multipurpose gadgets which are wearable. Also when you’re traveling, you don’t need to reach out for your phone for the various things continuously. Functions of the phone like playing music, receiving calls, notification check can be all done by the jacket itself.
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  6. Fashionable factor – the smart jackets are not robotic technical wear with wires, lights, and helmets. These are modern time clothing with technological benefits. They are fashionable and sometimes even of a better design than usual jackets or overcoats. They are comfortable and often have a stretchable factor which is a delight to wear. Sometimes the smart jackets have some exclusive fashionable statement like LED light strips to make the jackets stand out from the rest of the market.
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  7. Other Features – there are a few other features of specific smart jackets which are also quite advantageous. From receiving push notifications to taking a selfie at a click’s stretch are all functions of the smart jacket. These jackets can be connected not only to android or windows phones but can also be connected with Apple products with iOS software. The jackets may even have a remote controller with which many features can be managed.

These smart jackets have brought a tremendous revolutionary change in the fashion and clothing world. They are amazing articles of clothing that have many technological benefits. It is time you get one of these smart jackets. Take a pen and a paper, make a list of your requirements and check the brands that offer jackets with such benefits.

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