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Recommendation of Light and Thin Laptops with High-Cost Performance

Cost performance has become a practical factor for purchasing intelligent devices. It is necessary to consider various performance indexes of the goods of the same class. This is true for smart devices and laptops. 

Consumers often cannot make choices in selecting laptops. They can’t compare the differences between different brands. This article takes this as a starting point to do a summary. We choose several lights and thin laptops with high-cost performance in the current market. so as to facilitate consumers to make appropriate choices.

Lenovo Air 14

The first is the Lenovo air 14. This laptop meets most of the needs of office people. The light and thin laptop can give you good performance. At the same price, the R5+3500U Ruilong processor is the best choice. There is a lot of feedback about a noisy fan from users. In subsequent use, the fan sound is loud and the battery capacity is not large. This will affect the user’s experience.

Redmi Book

Secondly, Redmi book is a light laptop with high-cost performance. Its advantages mainly lie in its large screen. It improves the office efficiency of users at a shallow level. Redmi book has 1920*1080 high-definition screen. 81.2% of the screen ratio reduces the visual fatigue of users. But it has a big disadvantage. The laptop has no camera. Consumers who want a camera are not suitable for this one.

HONOR MagicBook 14

At the same price, HONOR MagicBook 14 is worth recommending. It has a fashionable and simple appearance with a strong performance. Externally, it adopts a narrow frame design on all sides. The frame increases the proportion of screens and improves the visual experience. Thus improving the work efficiency. It has a backlit keyboard, magic link 2.0, fingerprint identification, and other configuration functions. The weight was only 1.38 kg. In addition, the battery has a better capacity performance. The laptop is easy to carry. It can reduce the pressure of going out to work. Of course, MagicBook 14 price is quite attractive and worth buying.

Hp Elite Dragon Fly

If your work costs you to travel routinely and have a laptop with you 24/7, you would probably require a high-performance thin laptop that’s easy to carry around. Completely overwhelming its competitors, the Hp Elite Dragon Fly comes with an excellent keyboard and crisp sound quality speakers. Not only that, the raw power combined with the long battery life and sleek design delivers the perfect finish to a supreme functioning device. Being an 8h generation laptop, this beauty has crisp graphics with the UHD graphics 620 and RAM from 8GB to 16 GB. Also, the HD touch sure view Display adds the finishing touches to a supreme looking and functioning device.

HP Spectrex360

Coming in with a second home-run, HP delivers a new model of the highly praised 2-in-1, i.e., the Spectrex360. This time it comes with a 10th generation Intel Core processor and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The beloved gem-cut design with the Bang & Olufsen speakers present a look familiar and loved by the customers. 

These features make the Spectre one of the best Ultrabooks in 2020. This beauty has it all, it does not focus only on one area, instead, it delivers in both performance and aesthetics. Going to its features, as we’ve already mentioned the device comes with a 10th generation Intel Core processor with expandable RAM up to 16 GB. With an AMOLED multi-touch screen and expandable storage up to 2TB, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Dell XPS 13

It’s actually getting tougher to fault the Dell XPS lineup. Any problem with the released models was dealt with in subsequent updates, not only problems but a lot of impeccable features keep coming in with the yearly updates. Not only is the 2020 Dell XPS 13 a fine-looking piece of technology but it also excels in the performance department and has a beautiful display. The battery life is also outstanding, with nothing much to fault except the price factor. 

However, if a device consistently provided good features in its updates, it’s bound to be pricey. Some of the best features include a 10th generation Intel Core processor that can go up to the 11th generation and an expandable RAM up to 32GB. This with the Anti-Reflective 500-NIT display and expandable storage up to 2TB, the XPS 13 provides a stellar performance. 

On the whole, the above 6 thin and light laptops are of supreme quality. Consumers can compare and consider them. At the same price, they have pretty good performance.

Of course, the final choice lies with the consumers themselves. Every consumer hopes to buy the best goods at the lowest price. However, in fact, there are differences between commodities. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. When making a choice, one should make clear one’s own needs. Consumers must combine the performance of the product. They should make a choice after comprehensive consideration.

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