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Brief Analysis of HONOR MagicBook 14 Design

HONOR MagicBook 14 is on the market, so what is unique about it? 

We can see the appearance. The design of MateBook D, HUAWEI laptop, keeps the same price with HONOR MagicBook 14. MateBook D draws on some design inspiration from Apple. HONOR MagicBook 14 has more of its own. 

The fuselage adopts the “mysterious silver” or “spatial gray” of the metal material. This makes the HONOR MagicBook 14 looks nobler. The edge of the screen has a faint blue metallic luster. When it captures light, it will produce a pleasant effect. This makes this notebook computer different from the all-gray laptop at this price. The HONOR sign is on the back of the display. The display is away from the center and slightly to the left. Minimalist design is favorable for most consumers. It is good-looking.

Then we see the size. HONOR MagicBook 14 has a size of 214.8 x 322.5 x 15.9 mm and a weight of 1.38 kg. It is not the thinnest or lightest laptop in the world. It is not particularly heavy. HONOR MagicBook 14 cannot compete with the champions of lightweight laptops such as LG Gram or MacBook Air. But you should know the price of HONOR MagicBook 14 is lower.

There is a USB Type a port and an audio jack on the right side of the body. It a second standard USB port: a USB Type-c port and HDMI port. This port design is not bad. The mix of old USB Type-A and new USB Type-C ports offer you to plug in your peripherals. You needn’t consider the standard of their ports to fiddle with the adapter.

It is worth noting that the USB-C interface is used for charging. On the one hand, this is very useful. It means you can charge on most USB-C charger plugs without a dedicated charger. On the other hand, you will not be able to use the USB-C port when charging. 

There is no second screen like a touch lever above the keyboard. The power button on the right side of the keyboard just like MateBook D. It can act as a fingerprint scanner for biometric login to Windows 10. 

HONOR MagicBook 14 also uses another popular function of MateBook D. The built-in camera on the keyboard. Press the camera icon between the F6 and F7 button, and the camera will pop up. This is a rather elegant way to ensure that your webcam is safe when not in use. All you have to do is put it back into the recess on the keyboard. It can turn off the camera. You don’t have to worry about malicious users hijacking the camera.

Placing the camera on the keyboard has some side effects. Some are popular and some are not. The traditional position is at the top border above the screen. Now the camera is at the border of the 14-inch screen. It allows surrounding the 14-inch screen with a very thin border. Officials claim that the screen-to-body ratio of the camera is 84%. This means that the overall size of the notebook computer is small. The size gives HONOR MagicBook 14 a modern look and feel.

The screen resolution of HONOR MagicBook 14 is 1080p. The 14-inch screen provides a fairly good definition and sharpness. 

To summarize, you would love this device for its high-quality materials and robust body frame. This device also provides decent input that will enhance your experience. Honor MagicBook 14 comes with excellent system performance.

When it comes to the screen, its matte IPS screen would be your favorite. Also, it comes with a long battery runtime so you don’t need to always stay near the power outlet when using Honor MagicBook 14. To compete with other high-end brands, this device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

However, the maintenance is not as widely available as rivals. The webcam position is somewhat weird. Other than that, the screen has limitations on showing color. Still, this device is worth considering.

Overall, the HONOR MagicBook 14 can meet your expectations for laptops in this price range. It is not the thinnest or lightest. But its modern design and good hand feel are great. 

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