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Why Engaging Social Media is so Important

For the tech-savvy business, social media is an absolute must. When done right, social media has the power to attract potential customers, engage existing ones, and act as a brilliant marketing tool for your business.

And what’s more – social media is still on the rise.

As of 2016, a massive 78% of the US population had at least one social media account. This figure was up a further 5% from the 2015 statistics, and the upward trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Of course, there are the naysayers who predict that social media has reached its peak and will soon start to decline, but there is no arguing with the facts – social media is more popular today than ever before.

There are many ways in which businesses can use social media to their advantage, but the trick is working out how to manage social media effectively and avoid the common pitfalls of the industry.

Creating Interesting, Useful Content

This is where the quality of your content comes into play. Spending that little bit of extra time in order to create top quality content and professional profiles really pays dividends when it comes to social media. After all, brand visibility is essential, and nowadays, a business’ social media accounts are often the first interaction a potential customer will have with that brand.

Accordingly, you don’t want to make your online accounts too generic, sales-oriented, or bland. Social media is all about the user experience, and the easier users find it to navigate your profiles, the more likely they are to view your business favourably.

Similarly, the growth of social media accounts relies heavily upon positive recommendations and organic traffic. If people see that your business has an active online presence and is regularly posting updates and responding to queries and comments, they are much more likely to follow your profiles and get engaged with your content in the future.

The New Face of your Business

Social media can also be a brilliant platform for customer service. Bring your customer service into the 21st century and make sure that you are responding to any queries, issues, comments or complaints professionally and in a timely manner. As is the nature of business, you are always going to get complaints and encounter people that aren’t happy with your brand for one reason or another. However, the beauty of social media is that it allows you to easily manage these complaints as and when they arise, enabling you to publicly add your own comments to the issue.

Now that you know how to manage your social media accounts and create interesting and involving content, how do you make sure that the design of your profiles is both appealing and professional?

Engaging Design and Social Media Graphics

It’s all very well having great content, but if your accounts don’t look good as well, there’s no doubt that you will be missing out. The design of your social media profiles is essential, but it needn’t be overly complicated. Sometimes, the simplest of designs can actually be the most effective. Graphic design for social media is the perfect excuse to let your imagination run wild and put your creativity to good use.

Another tip is to make sure that each of your individual social media profiles is using the same design scheme. Create a simple design template that can be easily adapted to suit each of the social media platforms your business uses – uniformity is integral for maintaining brand identity.

Social media needn’t be confusing or time-consuming. Make sure that you are harnessing the power of social media with interesting content and engaging graphics, then sit back and watch the results speak for themselves.

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