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Your Best Buy Aluminium Radiator

Are you planning to change the design of a room in your home? If so, what are your plans for your radiators? Many people ignore their radiators, but with new ranges and styles available at affordable prices, you can afford to update the style of your radiators and incorporate them into the design of your home. There is a wide range of radiators available online and in the market, made from different types of materials and in different sizes. Deciding which type of radiator would be best suitable for your home can be a bit of a challenge.

Homeowners have many options to choose from a variety of radiator styles, ranging from round top radiators to vertical radiators in a range of colours and materials.

The dilemma facing most homeowners is that do they opt for any of the sleek aluminium radiators or from the many designer stainless steel radiators for their home or business? The material used in the manufacture of a radiator definitely matters. With a choice of cast iron, steel, aluminium and anthracite radiators it can get a bit overwhelming to come to a decision. Each material has its own unique features and benefits.

Aluminium Radiators vs steel radiators

When comparing both materials, the question to ask is which material would be best suited for your needs. Aluminium radiators are newer on the scene and consequently have incorporated some of the more modern features, which traditional steel radiators lacked.

Light in weight: One of the biggest draws with aluminium radiators is their weight, which is far less than their steel counterparts. This makes them easy to manoeuvre at the time of installation. This gives a homeowner the leeway to install them in various ways from wall mounted to vertical set-ups. You can be creative about where you place the radiator in the room.

Energy efficient: If you are looking for energy efficiency, aluminium is the way to go! Because of the material’s excellent heat conduction abilities, your rooms will be warm and cosy quickly. This is perfect in the winter when traditionally a house would take a long time to heat up. This is at a fraction of the cost of any radiator made from steel! The all-important BTU output is also incredible. This can help your heating bills in the long run too.

Sleek and stylish: If you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, chuck out the old dull and unwieldy steel radiator and bring home a swanky new aluminium radiator. The stylish radiators can be a feature of your room, rather than something you want to hide in the back of the room behind a sofa! We used to want to hide radiators with radiator covers, which can look ugly and dusty, but now you can enjoy the look of your radiator and can incorporate it into your room design rather than try to disguise it. The best brands are offering aluminium radiators in the trendiest new design and styles to keep up with modern trends.

Get eco-friendly, invest in an aluminium rad: The great thing about aluminium is it is easy to recycle. So that means when the lifecycle of the radiator ends, it may see reincarnation in the form of a can of soda; become a car accessory or even a swanky new radiator! If you want to contribute to saving the environment, switch to an aluminium radiator.

Care & Maintenance: Get yourself a cast iron radiator and drop it from the top of London Bridge, and it still will work! However, the same does not apply to aluminium! But, as long as you treat it with care and conduct regular maintenance checks, it will work like a charm and not let you down. Remember to keep the kids away and do not rest anything heavy on it, as it could dent the radiator. The internal mechanism of an aluminium radiator differs from steel radiators, so you need to use a high-quality radiator inhibitor. The bottom line is – if you maintain your radiator periodically, you are sure to enjoy years of hassle-free performance!

Cost: While aluminium radiators do not come as the cheapest option, there are various aluminium radiators suited to a range of budgets. And one thing is for sure, they are worth their weight in gold in performance.

Tips on selecting a radiator for your home

Do your homework: You need to do a fair bit of research about your home’s heating needs before buying a radiator. Of course its design is important, but there are some technical aspects to consider before selecting a radiator, too.

Some of the things to consider are:

  1. Size: The size of the radiator will decide the quantum of heat it generates. Select a radiator too small and the home will not get adequate heat, too large and the occupants will be far too hot. First determine the dimensions of the room, the ventilation areas and ask for a free quote from a heating technician. The BTO also is a point to note when choosing a new radiator.
  2. Type: Thermostatic or manual? Each has their own benefits so it is important to look into this.
  3. Compatibility: Will your central heating system be compatible with the radiator? Make sure you check this out when purchasing your radiator.

And a final tip:

Heating and insulation: Many homeowners end up paying hefty utility bills because of the lack of maintenance of their whole property. If you want your new radiator to give peak performance, the home needs regular maintenance. This includes proper insulation, which is vital around all the doors, windows and in the walls, otherwise you can experience leakage of heat which means you end up shelling out larger sums on utility costs. If you have a well-maintained home, your radiator will perform at optimal levels and run like clockwork for years to come.

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