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Published on November 15th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


How Several Industries Use Metallic IML ALUMINIUM FOIL?

Industries are constantly changing, and so has technology alongside. We have managed to store, preserve, and decorate industrial products and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). And the use of Metallic IML Aluminium foil has revolutionized how we store and manufacture in many leading industries.

But, first, here is an overview.

What is Metallic IML ALUMINIUM FOIL?

Metallic IML foil can put business products in a competitive position. By adding a layer of aluminum foil to the base of any product or surface is how Metallic IML Aluminium Foil is manufactured.

This foil moulding can be used at any point of any product manufacturing process. This allows companies to inject various designs or labels to give them the special plastic smooth finishing touch.

The best part is that the natural color is still intact. This additional layer can be used to print designs, brands, and much more. A metallic foil stands out in its display, and that is far better than regular metallic blends.

Such metallic labels have been used for years now in painting, foodstuff, storage containers, and even cosmetics.

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Industries That Use Metallic IML ALUMINIUM FOIL

When it comes to IML, you can see its impact every way that you look at it. All the packaged goods you see in retail stores, or the cookware you see with amazing metallic finishes that sparkle like plastic but lasts long. Literally, all of them use the process of IML.

Here are a few examples!

The Paint Industries

Did you know that paint industries use metallic IML aluminum foil layers for the paint containers? Using this gives the storage and the pain the smooth display and helps the paint last longer.

That makes the paint look HD quality in and on any metallic IML Aluminium Foil finished surface.

Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is heavily dependent on its packaging, as that is how their products sell. And to ensure they can put any labels on it and manufacture it in durable capabilities. All of this can happen due to IML technology. This is because metallic IML Aluminium Foil finishing enables beauty brands to package as per the design and their marketing aims.

Exclusive Packaging

In terms of unique packaging, metallic IML Aluminium Foil has been around for a long time. Have you ever walked into an airport store and seen al the exclusive chocolate boxes with the shiny metallic displays?

That is precisely how branding industries for food items ahs used this spacial layer of aluminum to help them promote and package better.

And, not just chocolate but also caricature boxes and gifts and souvenirs are all things that have used this Metallic finishing heavily for promotional and expansion sectors.


Did you know that the IML label is also now removable? Many years ago, it was a great concern as to an environmental hazard, but technology has gone further, and now we have such labels that can also be replaced with new designs.

Metallic IMP Aluminium Foil labels are durable, scratch and fingerprints free. And, if you have outdoor products, then it is also UV resistant and chemical resistant. You are making this a highly used back end packaging product that is used almost in any industry that depends on packaging heavily.

End Note

You get a mirror look and feel that is soft to touch, making your packaged products or boxes stand out in the global competition of brand expansion. You get a unique plastic look to all houseware industries’ packaging and products.

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