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Upcoming Ecommerce Development Trends leading to Growth of Online Stores

E-commerce is a fast-paced industry with evolving technologies, trends, and a competitive landscape. It’s no surprise that the recent epidemic shook up the industry, with both positive and negative effects for all businesses engaged. During the shutdown, consumer behavior changed considerably, encouraging firms to invest in e-commerce platforms and online marketing. Retail eCommerce sales hit a new high of $4.2 trillion in 2020 and are predicted to reach $5.4 trillion by 2022. Businesses across the globe are opening online storefronts to serve digital clients as the need for eCommerce grows. Perhaps, many companies go with custom eCommerce development of their websites. This is because of the convenience and ease of buying the products. There is also the option of signing up for an online marketplace like Temu, which allows businesses that want to sell their products online to either use it to expand their reach or integrate it with their own store. View more about Temu’s features and benefits here.

Now, there is no need to go to a local store when you can have a home theater system delivered right to your house. And as more firms move their operations online, the need for eCommerce website development services is growing. Software partners are developing online shopping websites to assist businesses of all sizes to fulfill the demands of digital buyers.

In today’s globe, however, modernization have taken over the eCommerce web development sector. There are new eCommerce development trends that enable businesses to capitalize on market dynamics. The eCommerce market trends are developing every day as the world progresses towards technology in the same way an eCommerce development company is also adapting to these trends.

What are the Platforms for Modern E-Commerce business?

E-commerce platforms assist businesses in adapting their websites for online sales. Because it mixes front-end and back-end components, it is a very efficient solution. The principal purpose of such platforms is to coordinate and assist a website’s activity so that the company may meet all of its customers’ expectations. So, here are some essential needs that every custom eCommerce website development platform should meet:

Third-Party Integration

Third-party applications should be able to integrate with the platform for better client management, marketing, SEO, and more.

The perspective of the Customer View

It should deliver consistent customer service and have a thorough awareness of all customer transactions and website operations.

Appealing Design

Not only should an e-commerce development company provide a responsive and proactive interface, but it should also be adaptable to new solutions.

Support for business growth

Also, every eCommerce platform should follow all the trends that lead it to growth. Moreover, current e-commerce platforms include all business functions such as order handling, customer service, analytics, marketing, and others into a single complex solution.

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The Most Important Considerations When Choosing an E-Commerce Technology

The company’s decision on e-commerce technology is critical. Here is a list of things to think about if you don’t want to face any problems in the future:


When creating a budget, it’s critical to consider the project’s prevalent objectives and the resources required to achieve them.

Project size

If the project is small, CMS like WordPress may be a viable solution. Magento, an open-source platform, can be an excellent solution for medium and large-scale online stores.


E-commerce technologies should be simple to integrate with the project’s other tools.

Technical Assistance

Some e-commerce systems only provide help during business hours, while others have personnel on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the e-commerce development company can provide support through chat, FAQs, or even tutorials.


It is very important to ensure that the eCommerce platform you are using for the online store has all the necessary fraud prevention mechanisms to protect customer data.

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Leading Ecommerce Trends for online businesses in 2022

An eCommerce development strategy must be flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions. Ecommerce industry trends play a critical part in creating the website and how businesses offer their clients in this strategy. The following are the most important eCommerce development trends for 2022:

Mobile Commerce

By the end of 2022, mobile commerce revenues are expected to reach $3.56 trillion, up 22.3 percent from 2020. Companies place a high value on a mobile-friendly eCommerce website.

So, it makes sense if you built an m-Commerce site for your client because a majority of users own a smartphone. Customers demand the simplicity of making purchases with the tap of a thumb rather than opening their laptops or PCs to buy things, as their trust in online purchases and mobile payments grows.

Voice-based Purchases

Smart speakers and speech assistants are becoming increasingly popular. A growing number of searches are executed through voice. As a result, businesses are increasingly incorporating the voice-based purchase function to increase sales.

Even those who aren’t tech-savvy and can’t shop online will find the voice purchasing experience reasonable. However, they browse and buy things of their choice online simply by using their voice. Voice searches are becoming more popular, and eCommerce companies aren’t lagging. Moreover, several companies have created a custom eCommerce development site for voice search.


On eCommerce websites, the use of augmented reality is growing. It allows you to get a better look at the goods before you buy them. AR/VR is used by companies such as Airbnb, Lenskart, and others to provide users with a personalized experience.

The products are presented in an engaging manner using virtual reality technology. They are eye-catching and give users a sense of what it might be like to own a product. Before buyers decide to buy, Apple’s website offers an AR-based iPad experience to help them understand how the product works.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular developments in eCommerce development services (AI). The technology aids in the development of recommendation engines for websites that can provide product recommendations to clients based on their previous purchases.

Customer service is also benefiting from AI advancements. E-commerce users can utilize AI-based chatbots to ask questions about products and obtain answers to their questions. Do you know Artificial intelligence increases traffic on online stores? Therefore, the sales and marketing team started using AI to drive customers to the online store.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive web apps, often known as PWAs, are a boon to the eCommerce web development business. Perhaps, these are online apps that run smoothly. Moreover, they offer a native-like experience to mobile devices. It saves the company a significant amount of money on mobile app development.

Progressive web apps deliver a terrific user experience for mobile users without the trouble of developing a mobile app. If you’re thinking about mobile app development, PWAs can be a decent solution, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money.

Social Commerce

The social commerce for eCommerce trend is growing in popularity by the day. Most agencies combine their online items with social media platforms to make it easier for customers to make purchases fast and easily. Also, Instagram allows users to buy things while they surf the app.

People want to get the best offers as soon as possible hence social commerce leads to increased sales. Products integrating with the corresponding eCommerce store can be opened within the app using the overlap function. However, many businesses are turning towards social media to enhance their sales. Perhaps, it is a great place to persuade customers into purchasing things.

Personalized Experiential Learning

Omnichannel marketing is one of the most popular eCommerce app development ideas nowadays. Now, businesses are developing websites that can communicate with clients through several media. In order to reach customers, it includes marketing initiatives that take a 360-degree approach. Push notifications, targeted email marketing, and other forms of omnichannel marketing. It is one of the most effective methods for increasing client retention and loyalty. Customers are more inclined to stick with a company if they believe it pays extra attention to them.

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Mobile Wallets

It’s no longer enough to optimize your e-commerce site for mobile devices; you also need to include mobile wallet capability. Perhaps, business owners should also think about mobile app development for their web business. However, a user-friendly mobile app is one of the most critical technology advancements for e-commerce in 2022. Even though many individuals now understand the benefits and security of using mobile wallets to pay for their purchases as the number of people who shop online expands.


This article covers all the points that come under the latest eCommerce trends. It is critical to take advantage of these eCommerce trends in order to stay relevant in today’s market. So, businesses must make adjustments as rapidly as possible in their custom eCommerce development website if they want to stay ahead of the competition. And these adjustments must be based on current market conditions.

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