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9 Ways to Lower Your Bill During Winter

As the cool winter weather rolls around, homeowners often think about how to save energy during winter. Cold weather typically means that you stay inside more and that your heater may run constantly, which causes your energy bills to soar. Fortunately, you can lower your electricity bills just by following these tips.

Common Reasons Why Electric Bills Ramp Up in Winter

  • Colder Outside = You’re Inside More: A warm, cozy home is the best thing in the winter, but since your kids may be home from school due to winter break or you are home for vacation, your HVAC will likely run more causing your utility bills to increase.
  • Holiday Lights = More Electricity USage: You may have a lot of decorations up for the holidays, which means that you have higher lighting bills than usual. If you have a lot of displays, you probably see $10 to $20 extra on your bill per month.
  • Freezing Temperatures = More Heater Usage: You probably have turned your heater on and off a few times in the beginning of winter, but once constantly freezing temperatures set in, you probably keep your heater running all the time to ensure your home is warm and comfy.

While it’s easy to get stuck in these energy traps, you can still keep your home warm and celebrate the holidays with creative displays while also maintaining a low energy bill. If you are living in Texas the website of HomeEnergyClub provides a trusted, secure shopping experience where you can always find discounts from various plans and choose the best electricity rates in Texas which can directly help on lowering your monthly electricity bill.

Use Smart Lighting Bulbs

Did you know that LED bulbs typically use very little energy? In fact, they use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Holiday lights can be placed on timers if needed, but they should not be left to run overnight.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

You can use a programmable thermostat to lower your energy bills. For instance, when you’re not at home, you don’t need to run the heater constantly. If you set it to 1 to 2 degrees lower than usual, then you can still heat your home while also using less energy.

Check Your Insulation

When a home has good insulation, the heater does not need to work as much. You can check your attic to see if you have proper insulation. The most prevalent place where insulation fails is around the attic floor. If you find insulation not proper there, you should get the attic insulation replacement done immediately.

Seal Windows and Doors

Do you notice a draft around certain doors and windows? You may need to try weather stripping or replace the seals with new caulk. You can test your window and door seals by placing a dollar between the door and window, then close it. If you can easily pull the dollar out, then your seals should be re-done.

Snuggle Up in Blankets and Socks

While everyone wants a warm, comfortable home, you may be keeping your home at too warm of a temperature. You can wear warmer clothes, get out the winter blankets, and keep warm socks and slippers to ensure that you stay comfortable even if your home is a few degrees lower this winter. This can shave off some dollars from your monthly electric bills.

Put Down More Rugs

If you have hardwood or tile floors, then you know it can be ice cold to walk on these unless your heater is constantly going. Using rugs can insulate your floors and also make your feet feel warmer.

Open the Curtains During Peak Sun Hours

When the sun is out and beaming through your window, you should let it shine more and open the drapes to get all those rays. Not only will this naturally warm up your home, but you can also always close them when the sun goes down.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

This is more of a technical solution that requires some ingenuity, but you can always set your ceiling fans to reverse or replace your ceiling fans that have this setting. Instead of creating a cool airflow, you can set your reverse fan to a low setting and allow it to push warm air down. This will heat your home quickly and keep it cozy.

Shut Off Your Chimney Damper

While fireplaces keep you warm and toasty without using electricity, you should close the damper you are done with the fire. This prevents all the warm airflow from escaping outside, and you can prevent cold air from coming in.

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