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Why should you choose website Builders in 2019?

If you are into the world of blogging, affiliate networking or e-commerce store, you must have heard about website building and page building tools.

While page building tools only create individual pages on a pre-built website, website builders create a fully functional and responsive website for you. A lot of time we are dependent upon a web developer and designer to make a website for us which can be a bit expensive as freelance developers tend to charges thousands of dollars for a website.

If hiring a web developer and designer is out of your budget, you can create one on your own using website builders.

In this article, we will be telling you why you should choose website builders in 2019. So first let us see what are website builders?

What is a website builder?

A website builder is an online website making tool which can help you to create websites using drag and drop features, and if you have some coding skills, then it will be like a cherry on the cake. This is one of the most important tool for any business that is looking to attract customers/leads through their website. Remember, first impression is the last impression.

Website builders are mostly used to create small websites like a portfolio website or a personal blog which doesn’t attract huge traffic, but you can still use it to create big websites and attract a huge audience. They help in building a website efficiently and offer some templates and presets to start with. However, the user can still customize the templates are design them according to their wish and will

Why should you choose website builders in 2019?

If you have close to zero experience in coding or don’t have the time for doing such chores, you can always opt for the website builders. Numerous website builders are available on the internet and that too for free. There are a lot of advantages to choosing a website builder rather than hiring a developer for the same. Let’s discuss some features of website builders that will help you to create stunning and responsive websites quickly.

No skills required

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use website builders. All of the website builders like Weebly, Wix, etc. use drag and drop feature to make websites. All of the features like uploading photos, audios, files, and videos are available. You can change the fonts, choose a template and publish your site using the available hosting plans, use Weebly promo codes to avail discounts.

Fast and efficient

Website builders are fast and smooth to use. You would publish your first site in less than 30 minutes because all you have to do is drag and drop the elements on the template and place them according to your wish. A little bit of coding knowledge enhances the look and feel of the website and makes it more responsive to the user. Once you are done creating your website you can start uploading content and images and publish it.

Perfect for a low budget idea

The traditional way to make a website is to hire a developer, but with website builders, you can create sites by yourself and keep your budget in control. Most of the website builder provides services to purchase a domain and hosting plans at a cheap rate which can save you a lot of dollars. You can save more if you choose Weebly by using Weebly promo codes. There are some other website builders that can help you in creating a website with responsive design. Almost every service is free but if one wants to add a self-registered domain, they have to pay some fee to access the feature.

Customize anywhere and anytime

As said in the first point you don’t need to have any coding skills to use website builders. So if you feel like the text’s font should be changed, or you need to add some slideshows, go to the editor, drag and drop the desired element. If you hire a developer to make your site, you will have to contact him and pay for further customizations separately which can add up on your expenses. Most of the platform offer account feature that can help you in accessing your websites anywhere and anytime.


The website builder is a great tool to build a website easily at home dragging and dropping the required elements if you have a low budget. This doesn’t underestimate the value of a developer, but if you have a tight budget, then the tool is good for you to kickstart your blog. Such builders are portable, cheap and are perfect for beginners who a little or no coding expertise.

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