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How Does an Unsecured Personal Loan Work?

When a loan does not demand you attach a valuable asset as security, the lender’s risk increases. As a result, the interest rate on an unsecured personal loan can be slightly higher. In the absence of collateral, the lender has no way of recovering the outstanding debt if you default on making repayments.

If you have a strong credit history, you may apply for an unsecured personal loan at competitive interest rates even if you don’t have any collateral. Personal loans grant you fast access to cash funds with fewer borrowing restrictions.

Understand the Working

When you apply for an unsecured personal loan from a bank or financial institution in Australia, the organization will verify your application and status thoroughly.

The essential pre-requisites that a borrower must fulfil include having a good credit score, never being bankrupt and receiving a steady and regular income. Approving authorities also confirm your nationality and age.

You must be an earning adult when submitting your personal loan application. The loaning bank can report you to credit bureaus if you default on making timely repayments on your unsecured loan. Collection agents follow up to recover pending dues, and if legal action is necessitated, your credit scores take a hit.

Within a predefined repayment term, you are obliged to repay the lump-sum amount you borrow in monthly instalments with interest. Personal loans differ in their annual percentage rates or APR. The latter includes the establishment’s fees and the loan’s interest rate. With a flawless credit history, you can enjoy a lower APR.

Borrower’s Profile

Your financial situation and the primary purpose for seeking a personal loan are the defining aspects. As a borrower, if you are uncomfortable pledging an asset to secure your personal loan, opt for the unsecured route.

When you have good credit and a consistent income source, you can fund an upcoming heavy expense or consolidate your existing debt with such a loan. A lender will assess you on the listed parameters to gauge your repayment capability:


Your credit history is a vital factor when it comes to loan approval or rejection. If it goes back at least two years and more, this data gives the lender valuable insights on how you manage your outstanding debts.

You can secure a higher loan amount at lower interest rates when you have never defaulted on your repayments nor been declared bankrupt. Your credit history can make you vulnerable to the highest interest rates.

Income Source

You can only meet your financial obligations when you have a reliable and steady source of monthly income. Your recent payslips and bank statements serve as proof of your earning capacity. If your account balance displays a significant surplus after paying your monthly outgoings, the lender will consider you a low-risk applicant.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

The monthly payments for debts divided by the gross income per month is how your debt-to-income ratio is calculated. This ratio reveals to the lending authority, your ability to repay the borrowed sum. A low ratio is promising for the lender, but if your debt eats into a large chunk of your earnings, it raises a red flag.

Loan Application Process

If you are considering applying for a personal loan, you should follow the recommended steps suggested below:

  • Borrow only what you need even when the lender is willing to approve a higher loan amount
  • Extensively research the reputation of the potential lending authority
  • Compare promising unsecured loan offers based on the lender’s interest rates, loan terms, fees, borrowing limit, and special features.
  • Submit a formal personal loan application after confirming you fulfill the eligibility criteria
  • Provide all the necessary documentation to facilitate your application’s verification

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