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If You Love Extreme Sports, Shrick is For You

If you are a fan of extreme sports, chances are you also practice them. Imagine a scenario where, on a lucky day, you made a great trick and share to one of the most used social networks like Facebook, but almost no one realized how good it really was, because other people are not that into those sports.

What if there was a social media platform designed specifically for the extreme sports lovers and pros, where everything revolves around those sports? Fortunately there is no need to imagine this anymore, as there is such a service available right now: let’s meet Shrick.

Supporting over 18 extreme sports, like surf, ski, snowboard, BMX, skateboarding, and so on, this platform intends to be the place that unites action sports riders and fans of extreme lifestyle. Users aarn points for each post and can challenge friends and even pro-riders for small competitions.

Challenging friends and pros is only one of Shrick’s features that make it, most likely, the biggest social landmark in the world of action sports. It also has tools to edit photographs and videos, the ability for users to closely follow their favorite pro-riders and it encourages users to share their failures as well, not only their successes – so, expect to find some really laughable crashes and falls on Shrick.

This platform seems to be raising interesting in regular users and pros alike. Julia Rick, wakeboard World Champion, says that “it is a perfect way to share your tricks with whole community. As a pro-rider I use it to keep
my followers updated with all my new photos and videos”.

Nick Digeloroma, BMX rider and Shrick top user, commented on the platform saying “I like how you get to see people shredding on tons of different sports”, and Ben Milot, motocross pro-rider, stated “I love Shrick, it is the coolest social media 100% action sports, finally! In my sport, Shrick is one of kind!”

Be sure to give this app a look – it is available for free on iOS and Android.

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