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Best ITSM Software 2021

The ITSM software is tasked with handling every critical activity involved in IT service provision in an organization. This software takes part in creating, design, support, management, and delivery of various IT services. Furthermore, ITSM software helps the IT team to handle the services effectively. They are special tools that are key in helping a company run its IT system management easily and effectively. They are also sets of various vital processes that aid a company in running its activities effectively. Today, there are many ITSM software systems. This article discusses several itsm software available in 2021.


This is an IT management service based in clouds. It is a crucial element in helping a company focus on the ideal and exceptional customer satisfaction and service delivery for various verticals like marketing, HR, etc. Freshservice contains an easy UI, and it is very easy to configure. Some of its top features include asset management, change management, analytics and reports, portal customization, enterprise reporting, and release management.


This is lucrative software that is ideal for average companies that need service desk management and require automation. With a mobile-optimized interface and personalized portals, users can create for employees to increase productivity and efficiency and let the administrators configure various end-to-end services in business. FootPrints is a cloud-based software with various features like portfolio management, service catalog, change management, and workflow automation. You can check out the various price comparisons of this ITSM software on Servicenow pricing.


This Information Technology software manager enables users to create a flexible engagement platform and customer service to meet the requirements of a business of any size. This software’s most outstanding features include configuration management, asset tracking, project management, availability management, a self-service portal, and incident management. Zendesk offers service to various vertical industries and contains over 100,000 paid customer accounts. It also offers its services in more than 30 languages.

ServiceDesk Plus

This ITSM software has an integrated project and asset management that can be used by anyone and helps IT teams deliver various world-class services. This is done through reduced complexities and costs that give appropriate user satisfaction. You can use ServiceNow pricing to see the various pricing options of this software. Some of the top features of this ITSM software include inventory management, multi-language support, a self-service portal, depreciation management, and multiple channel support. In addition, it offers various user capabilities that enable them to rely on services hosted in the cloud in order to develop apps.

ServiceDesk Plus manages the whole IT lifecycle, network services, comprehensive asset management, and cheap solutions that help automate various IT service management. Some of its top features include asset management, ticket management, a self-service portal, dashboard and reporting, and mobile apps. This ITSM software is available in both on-premise and various SaaS environments. These setups provide capabilities for various users to address the requirements and improve efficiency.

Technicians and system administrators may also quickly address issues of a complicated nature, reducing end-user dissatisfaction caused by a time-consuming problem resolution procedure. They may apply asset management to keep track of the organization’s demands and distribute resources to the proper users, enhancing the organization’s productivity.

Boss Solutions

Boss Solutions is an innovative firm that offers ITAM/ITIL solutions that make implementing best practices in service management simple and economical for users. They develop creative software solutions to satisfy the demands of customers in the service management industry. To achieve strategic business advantage, boss solutions provide robust capabilities that address both usability and functionality. Boss Solutions’ main features include; Inventory Management, Automated Routing, Cost Tracking, Knowledge Base Management, etc.

Bpm’online Service

This is ITSM software based in the cloud used by large and medium companies. The software enables such companies to deliver high-quality services. Some of its features include territory management, customer data management, sales management, among others. This software provides reliable automation service operations that are predefined processes for excellent customer care. It also does a comprehensive management of customer requests irrespective of the channel used. This software is cost-effective, and it is among the best performing ITSM software in 2021.


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