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The Best Tools for Successful Remote Work

More companies offer remote work options than ever, and this number is only expected to grow exponentially as time goes on. With the right tools, it’s possible for a vast number of industries to allow their employees to work from just about anywhere in the world without sacrificing efficiency, output or workplace community. As well, most employees are far more likely to remain loyal to a company that allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance through remote work. The best remote working tools can facilitate a smoother experience for both remote employees and their supervisors. Read on to discover some of the most important technologies for successful remote work.

Video Conferencing Software

Though face-to-face communication in a remote work setting is less necessary than it might be in another setting, it’s still sometimes essential for team members to connect via video for meetings, to discuss upcoming projects or just to check in from time to time. Some of the best video conferencing software options operate with business VoIP technology that uses internet connectivity to send texts, make calls and host data communications between two or more callers. This not only makes communication more reliable, but more secure as well.

Scheduling Software

In the absence of a designated in-person clock calendar for employees, this tool allows employers to set schedules for work hours, meetings, important presentations, deadlines and other crucial dates remotely and enables real-time updates so each employee has access to the most current information regardless of where they are in the world. Employers and employees alike can let others know when they will be available and on-call during their position, when they expect to have a task completed by or when they will be out of the office and unable to be reached.

Cloud Storage

Any workplace involves the transfer and keeping of important data, so it’s essential to have a singular, centralized location for file storage that is accessible to each relevant department and employee. Cloud storage also provides another level of security in case of equipment failure, whether supplied by the company or by the employee, in which data or file loss would be an issue.

Data Transfer Apps

Often, email attachment file size limits are not sufficient for project submission, proposals or other larger files that need to be transferred between two or more people. Remote work environments should utilize an online transfer system that will allow every member of their team to access, upload and download the files and data they need to complete their tasks. Not only should each team member be able to access this software, but the software should also be able to handle large files and perform with speed and ease when it comes to data transfer.

Agenda Tools

It may not seem necessary for remote work, but agenda tools that feature ways for employees to take notes, collaborate on documents, assign projects, view project status and share comments and feedback can streamline the work process between employees and unify team members under shared company goals. Some of these tools even have the capability to integrate other calendars and inboxes to further centralize company workflow. For best results, these tools should have mobile capabilities so remote workers can receive and create updates while on-the-go.

Online Office Suites

When each member of a company’s team is using the same software to complete their tasks, the business as a whole is more likely to see consistent and dependable results from project to project. Companies should provide each remote worker with the same software to complete their tasks through an online suite or app access offered to each employee. Employees that can use the same software to create spreadsheets, compose graphics, set up emails, edit photos, create presentations and manage tasks are better equipped than those who lack the tools to do what they need to do with professionalism and consistency with regard to company expectations.

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