Imaging woman in black sunglasses on yellow flower field during daytime

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The Secrets of Successful Summer Photos

Summer is an amazing time! The incredible beauty of nature, saturated, bright colors – all this gives the opportunity to fully enjoy the upcoming shoots. The photographer has a huge range of possibilities to realize all creative ideas. But now you need to think carefully about the right place for the photo shoot, do not forget about the summer accessories, and choose the best photo equipment. With the proper level of preparation, the result will be amazing, you will get high-quality, interesting frames. Find the perfect camera for you and see the possibilities of a 35mm lens vs a 50mm lens. Check out Skylum’s blog and you will find answers to all your questions.

But how to make such a beautiful summer photoshoot that will amaze its participants? There are no universal answers to this question. It is a great time for the creative imagination of the photographer to show its full potential. You have to understand how to use the opportunities given by nature itself. And in this article, we will try to help you, as well as suggest the best ideas and themes for perfect summer photos.

Where you can have a summer photo shoot?

Here are some winning locations:

  • city streets and rooftops;
  • summer photoshoots in a field or haystack;
  • themed parties;
  • seaside;
  • road romance;
  • summer photo session in the countryside with the family.

Remember that success is built from the very beginning, with the search for a storyline and interesting looks. It’s good if the idea for summer photos is suggested by the models themselves. But the photographer should also be able to suggest something. After all, it is likely that the participant in the photo session will rely on a professional photographer for this part.

Preparing for the summer shoot

Before the photoshoot, it’s a good idea to think carefully about all the details. This advice is relevant not only for the future participants of the photo session but also for the photographer, who will supervise the process.

Here are some recommendations for you:

  • Prepare in advance the look for the shoot. Everything: makeup, clothes, and shoes have to match it.
  • Suggest the model use accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combining them, but let them be something suitable for the subject of your shoot.
  • Think of doing a photoshoot with pets. The presence of animals in the frames will noticeably make them more emotional.
  • Invite family members to the photo session. Then the pictures will turn out captivating. Summer family photos always leave bright memories and vivid emotions that will warm you up during the long winter evenings.

How to take quality summer photos?

A professional photographer differs from an amateur in the quality of his pictures. After all, anyone today can pick up a phone and take lots of photos. But a real artist strives for quality. So, what should not be forgotten?

  • Control the exposure. If the photo session is held in the daytime, it is important not to light up the frame. To do this, you will have to control the camera shutter speed and aperture.
  • Watch the shadows. The photographer just needs to be able to wait for the shadows from the trees or models to lay properly. One solution is to shoot in black and white. This way, the photographer can play up the contrast between the dark and light areas.
  • Shoot silhouettes. Summer lighting is great for taking pictures. Place the model in front of a strong source of light. In our case, it might be the sun. And feel free to experiment with backlighting.

woman in black sunglasses on yellow flower field during daytime

How to take a beautiful summer portrait

The best way to get a clear outline of the face is to shoot with the aperture open, with a minimum f value. Then you will get a slightly blurred space behind the model. If you want to make it sharper, increase the f-number. The main secret of a good portrait is to focus on the eyes.

You can improve the picture by editing it in special programs. Adjust the white balance, and add sharpness and contrast – all this will make the photo come alive and improve its quality. The main thing here is not to overdo the saturation. Otherwise, the colors will turn out unnatural and even acidic. As a result, your summer photoshoot is ruined.

How to take beach photos

On the one hand, a vacation at the sea is the best thing for a summer photoshoot. The limited functionality of even the simplest equipment is compensated for by bright lighting. To get good beach portraits, professionals recommend having your photo session before 11 am or after 4 pm. You are lucky if it is cloudy. In that case, the natural lighting is softer and the shadows are less contrasting.

During a beach photoshoot, don’t forget to be careful with your camera. Splashes of salt water and sand can damage the mechanisms, electronics, and lenses.

Final thoughts

All these useful tips will help the photographer to get perfect pictures during the summer photoshoot. Think in advance about locations, and subjects, also don’t forget to choose the right equipment. Learn all about the advantages of a 35mm lens vs a 50mm lens by reading Skylum’s blog, and make all your shots successful!

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