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The Rise of Online Virtual Sports Betting

Way back in the 1990’s British bookmakers got very excited about the advent of 49’s, an in-house lotto game which was a small swipe-back at the new National Lottery which they were not allowed to accept wagers on. It enjoyed rapid growth but soon flattened out and horse racing, greyhounds and football once again became the main focus of bookmaker’s attention even as the online revolution began. You can check more information on sport betting on any Singapore online casino website.

Nevertheless a seed was planted and bookmakers now knew that people did not only want or need to bet on live sports and when the UK’s foot & mouth disease outbreak of 2001 stopped all live horse racing, including the Cheltenham Festival, in Britain and Ireland, virtual horse racing started to fill the void. For the uninitiated you can learn what is virtual sports betting with and pick up some handy free bets to play with too.

Virtual racing tracks including Portman Park, Steepledowns, Sprint Valley, Lucksin’ Downs, Canterbury Hills and Home Straights (amongst others) have subsequently come on stream whilst virtual greyhounds enthusiasts have tracks called Brushwood, Millersfield, Trapton Park and Mutleigh Cross.

Facing a huge drop in revenues in 2020 with the Covid-19 lockdown all virtual race tracks did more business than before albeit betting on all virtual sports has enjoyed an ever increasing market share, year on year, for the past two decades. But there is just more than virtual racing now, we now have the likes of virtual football, virtual motorsport, virtual cycling and even speedway to bet on.

Improved Graphics & Fast Action

This is not a result of huge marketing drives. People are simply enjoying betting on virtual sports more than ever before. Unquestionably the graphics in virtual sports are better they ever have been and are immeasurably better than they were in their infancy.  This ‘almost real’ appearance must be a major factor in the rise in virtual sports betting popularity.

But online sportsbooks and bookmakers also know their customers and unlike in traditional horse racing they are able to give those clients what they want, namely races which take place more frequently than 30 minutes apart. Similarly virtual greyhound races are usually less than 15 minutes apart.

Then there is the competitive nature of virtual sports you can bet on. Unlike horse racing you will not see uncompetitive three-runner races featuring a long odds on favourite. The computer algorithms which make virtual events always ensure the virtual sports are fairly open in nature which means they feature competitive betting markets. Furthermore, you will not see a virtual race with less than six runners as six-runner races allow for forecasts and tricasts which are also very popular with bettors.

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