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Do you really need a $250 mouse to be a pro gamer?

The high-speed gaming mouse has brought a revolutionary change in this tech-savvy world. They provide great features, like a comfortable design, configurable weights, customizable buttons, and a higher quality computing experience.

Today advanced action games have set a high bar for mouse tech necessities. Gamers must respond rapidly to critical time activities and they also need smooth navigation with no freezing, lag glitches and shuttering. Also, game lovers must be aware of diverse mouse grips when it comes to playing high action games like FPS, eSports, MMO and more.

A non-tech-savvy PC user may not need to spend a lot; however, if you are a serious gamer then you may often scratch your brain while thinking “Do I really need a $250 mouse to be a pro gamer?” But you need not worry much, Read about the following powerful and unique features of gaming mice that you need to perform at peak efficiency, in fact, paced games.

Enhanced Optics

Do you know what mouse DPI is? It stands for Dots per Inch, which means the ratio of pixels cursor move on a screen for every linear inch you move your mouse. Usually, manufacturer’s highlights the high gaming experience through DPI, but technically speaking, the right term for this mouse capacity is CPI (Counts per Inch). Whereas, DPI generally refers to attributes of printing peripherals.

However, usually, consumers got used to the term DPI and manufacturers also mark it with the same term. Basically, the greater the DPI, the faster your mouse cursor will move on the screen without compromising on precision or accuracy. Always keep in mind that a higher DPI is not always a better choice.

Don’t get easily attracted by marketing tricks offering you maximum DPI benefits while picking the best gaming mouse. The DPI settings are adjustable. You can customize them as per your requirements like as per body movements and screen resolution. You also must aware that it is absolutely wrong to mix DPI and mouse sensitivity together. Because DPI is a feature of hardware peripheral on the other hand sensitivity of a mouse emphasize with software settings. Preferably, you have both accuracy and acceleration

To get impeccable game playing experience, you have to fine-tune both attributes. Setting the correct DPI gives you smooth mouse movement and modifying its sensitivity level offers you extraordinary speed, enough to play the faced paced games.

Upgraded Mouse Polling Rate

This is one more component that impacts the quality of a gaming mouse and influences the gameplay experience. It depicts how many times your input gadget reports back the moves you perform to the CPU. Response frequency is estimated in Hertz, varying around 150 Hz for a standard mouse to more than 1000 Hz for premium gaming mice. The higher the mouse polling rate the more responsive your mouse will be.

For example, a 500 Hz rate implies that the data is exchanged from the mouse to your PC 500 times each second. Not at all like DPI or mouse sensitivity, here is the fact that the higher you set your polling rate, the higher you perform in games.

Extra Programmable Buttons

The next feature of the high-end gaming mouse is that it comes equipped with plenty of programmable buttons (approx. 3 to 12 buttons) at its top, which enables you to quickly access a particular function or action. When you effectively press one of these buttons, it quickly replaces a progression of complex keystrokes enabling you easier gameplay.

Just to take a note, almost every manufacturer considers the right & left click and scroll-wheel as programmable buttons, so these should not be counted in total number. Equivalently with the ambidextrous mouse, they do have thumb buttons on both sides, which likewise should be subtracted.

As per its name, many of us believe that a gaming mouse is designed just to play games. But the truth is, they can also be used for various basic tasks and provide better tracking for smoother cursor navigation. With these amazing features of gaming mice, you will be more productive while playing as well as while working.

Better Comfort & Ergonomics

Sitting at a desk for long hours, staring at the screen for the whole day and again using the PC at home can be a tough and tiring task. Using a typical mouse for a longer period can cause anxiety, stiffness in your wrists and also affect your work productivity.

Such nerve-wracking issues are tenderly addressed by hardware peripheral makers, as they designed the enhanced version of mouse-the gaming mice with exceptional quality materials that are not only durable but they feel far more comfortable than typical knockoffs.

Every individual has different hand sizes, but gaming mice fit easily in palms. Many gaming mice have combined weights which can be detached from the case, creating a more balanced feel. It’s such an exclusive product designed to cope up huge clicks while compressing fatigue and stress. It mainly comes in three grip designs: Palm, Finger & Claw design. As describe by their names, palm design mouse lets you take rest on its back while allowing you expand your fingers at full extent. With finger design, you can hold the entire mouse just with your fingers and thumb. Whereas, claw design leaves no stone unturned to let your hand’s rest while curving your fingers at it to allow the fingertips also rest on mouse buttons.

Gaming mice come in plethora of size and designs. So, it’s just your call to choose the best suitable for you. Before making a purchase, make sure you compare some of the best styles to get the best fit, because better comfort and ergonomic design matters the most when you play paced games.

Privileged Customization Settings

Last but not least; the high-end gaming mouse comes with variety of customizable buttons and removable weights. You can customize, add, and remove its weight as per your desire to play the game with frantic moves. And the more amazing thing in this masterpiece is that with the use of macros, you can create a record set of actions from your gaming keyboard and play games with a single mouse button that you draft at the macro. Moreover, a gaming mouse also has better tracking sensor that allows smoother cursor movement.

Last Thoughts…

Hope you like the exclusive benefits of a gaming mouse that assure you to choose them for a better gaming experience and for better work purposes as well. If you know some of its other benefits that we have not mentioned in our list, do share with us in the comments section below!

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