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Fun Bitcoin Facts and Figures [Infographic]

Bitcoin, the most famous of the cryptocurrencies… Most people still have no real idea about what Bitcoin is, never mind all of the other cryptocurrencies, however!

It’s a confusing concept even for the seasoned, in fact, as you’ll see on the infographic below, the fact is that even governments are struggling to understand how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fit into the big picture. Some countries just made it completely illegal. Perhaps they just didn’t want to take the time to learn?

Adding to the confusion we have the conspiracies and mysteries that surround Bitcoin. A mysterious creator (or creators) that shunned attention, conspiracy theories that Bitcoin was created by the governments of particular nations or a group of Japanese companies.

Next up?

You have all of the confusion of how to actually get your hands on Bitcoins, and once you do, where do you keep them? And more importantly, where can you SAFELY keep them?

Security is another thing to get clear on before you invest in any cryptocurrency, finding lost bitcoins is possible depending on the circumstances, but sometimes it can prove disastrous as you will also find out from this Bitcoin infographic. (How would you feel if you lost 50 million dollars worth of Bitcoin? Urgh!)

Did you know that people are also comparing cryptocurrency to the old gold rush of 1848-1855? You probably know that people also say that more people made their fortune selling shovels than digging for gold then right? Any ideas what the cryptocurrency equivelant of a shovel is?

Find out below…

Well, with all that said, we hope you enjoy this collection of fun Bitcoin facts and figures. Feel free to use them the next time the subject of cryptocurrency comes up at home or at work. You’ll look smart, and this list will put you ahead in knowledge of most people on the subject of Bitcoin! 😉

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