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Top 8 Unique User-friendly Bangla Keyboards 

While away from a state or a country, it is not uncommon to feel the loneliness until otherwise, we come across a person from our own soil to colloquially interact in our own mother tongue. Even in food, we feel more relaxed and comfortable if we could get Indian food while touring abroad.

Likewise, in our hectic day-to-day schedule, we often voluntarily or involuntarily limit our interaction with our kids, friends, and other loved ones by sending some usual namesake lifeless messages like Hi, Good Morning so on in which we find the absence of any emotional closeness.

Just ponder having a buddy who could mediate and deliver the absent bonding between our own colleagues, friends, and relatives by interpreting our feelings in our own Bangla language without pinching any extra penny from your pocket. This buddy comes in the form of distinctive keyboards.

Sounds exciting but unbelievable, isn’t it?

There is a conventional saying that’ Nothing Comes Free.’ On the contrary, the fact is otherwise. It is always hard to believe when anything, if given for free, it kindles a suspicion that there would be a hidden agenda behind all this. So far, we have spontaneously adapted to most technological developments and have proved successful in our hands-on experience with apps. Viz. Zoom, G-pay, SnapChat, etc. Analogically, this is also as simple as any other high-tech transformation, made easy apps we had witnessed in the recent past.

While we accept that with the introduction of Google search engine, our endeavours have become much more accessible and simple in reaching out to anything and everything within no time, these regional Bangla language apps will prove very handy and give a feel of an interacting person.

1. Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers

Bangla Keyboard is exclusively designed, keeping the Bangla speakers in mind. The app has the best input tool that converts your text into Bangla by either typing in Bangla (Banglish) Keyboard or using English to Bangla typing. A specialty that sets this keyboard apart lets you create realistic stickers with a headshot of yourself and your friends, with just a selfie or a picture, making your chat more enjoyable. Elegant themes that give you a more personalized experience allowing you to set background pictures of your choice. The fun part is it allows you to download relevant Bengali sticker packs and GIFs easily. No wonder Bangla Keyboard With Bangla Stickers is my personal favorite. Download Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers Now!

2. Bangla Keyboard 2020  

The Bangla Keyboard makes typing simple for all the Bangla users by letting you type in English to Bangla and switch Bangla to English simultaneously. Choose the perfect theme for your keyboard instantly from the library of new themes available. Plus, it supports the phonetic avro style.

3. Bangla Keyboard

Bangla keyboard is a touch-screen keyboard for Bangla typing users, mainly developed for Android users. The app is a phonetic Bangla transliteration keyboard that works on Androids and tablets. The keyboard’s simplicity lies in letting the user change the keyboard by pressing and holding the space key.

4. Bangla Keyboard: Bengali Language Keyboard

Another keyboard to assist you in writing in your native Bangla language. The Bangla Language Keyboard makes typing smooth for all the Bangla users by letting you write in English to Bangla and switch from Bangla to English in a single go. Pick the perfect theme for your keyboard instantly from the library of 15 colour themes available.

5. Bangla Keyboard 2020: Bengali Typing Keyboard

Bangla Keyboard 2020 is a free Bangla App for Android users. It offers a huge and cool emoji collection to make the chat way more fun and interesting. With optional typing keyboard app layout, enjoy colourful Bangla typing with stylish Keys.

6. Ridmik Keyboard

Ridmik Keyboard is another well-known provider of the Bangla keyboard app. The app offers predictive suggestions, multiple keyboard layouts, voice typing features, themes, Bangla phonetic keyboard, national and Probhat layout, and emojis. The app also allows you to play around with the sizing of the keyboard height. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

7. Bangla keyboard 2020 – Bangladeshi language

Bangla keyboard 2020 is a new entrant into the keyboard app world. The Bangladeshi Keyboard app has a straightforward UI and has many amazing features. Like the above apps, it lets you convert your text from English to Bangla and Bangla to English. Its stylish and colourful theme will make your keyboard look beautiful.

8. Bangla Keyboard Lite

As the name implies, it’s the lite version of the Bangla keyboard. The app helps you type Bangla fast with the Bangla suggestion word dictionary. The app lets you easily switch from Bangla to English or from English to Bangla. The best part is it works offline and supports the phonetic avro style. With only 2 MB in size, the app takes up minimal space on your memory. It works seamlessly on Android phones and tablets.

In a nutshell, As Bengali is the sweetest language in the world, every Bengali deserves to carry the same sweetness through their chats to their near-and-dear ones.

Why wait? Get cracking and take these Bangla keyboard apps for a spin.

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