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Stance Sport Coilovers – Are They Worth the Cost?

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of any of the Stance sport coilovers buy now pay later offers you see online, you’re probably wondering whether it’s a wise investment or not. What’s the physical difference between the two types of suspension and is the cost of getting a ‘sports’ set up really justified?

You don’t have to be a mechanical expert to know that your car’s suspension is responsible for providing you with a smooth ride, but many don’t know what sports suspension offers, because many don’t know the difference between standard and sports suspension. That’s something we’ll briefly try and explain here.

Stance Sport Coilovers Buy Now for Handling

If you’re thinking of buying sports coilovers for a more comfortable ride, then I’m afraid that you’re going to be disappointed, as that’s really not what they’re designed for. Whilst standard suspension is created to provide the smoothest ride possible when driving around town and on the highway, sports coilovers are quite different.

Sports coilovers are not designed to cope with the undulations, bumps and holes that you’ll encounter on the road and you’ll feel every one. That’s because sports coilovers are created to help you ‘feel’ the road and get round the track faster!

Sport Coilovers Provide a Lower Center of Gravity

As the name would suggest, sports suspension is designed to offer improved handling and it does this partly through the provision of a lower center of gravity. When you see Stance sports coilovers buy now offers online, they’re really aimed at those looking for more impressive lap times, rather than for comfort, so only those kinds of customers should really consider the investment.

Sure, there is the aesthetics side of things to consider, but if it’s just a lower ride you’re looking for, then there are much cheaper options available like lowering springs.

Stance Sport Coilovers Buy Now? That’s Up to You!

Sports suspension provides lower ground clearance and both shock and spring settings that you don’t get with conventional suspension. In essence then, the difference between the two lies in the shock absorbers, the springs and the dampers, so that you get the best grip and handling for racing purposes. It really is that simple.

One element we haven’t discussed is the matter of quality, which is as important as any other. If you want the best performance from your ride, you need the best equipment and those usually come from reputable retailers like Springrates. There are others available, but we’ve used them and their prices are affordable and they offer free shipping. You can find them at

So, there you have it. Our advice may have been brief, but it was to the point and it showed that Stance sports coilovers buy now deals are really for track enthusiasts or drivers looking for an improved ‘feel’ of the road. If you’re after comfort, however, it’s not a choice for you!

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