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10+ Mobile App Development Tools to Build Apps Faster Than Before in 2016

Today mobile app marketplaces are flooding with millions of apps of different mobile OS platforms. Despite it, demands for more and good quality apps is persistent.

App entrepreneurs are aiming to exploit app market with innovative and useful apps that people love to use. Businesses are targeting their esteemed patrons to win them forever and increase their sale volume using mobile applications. Enterprises and organizations love to see their employees and other audience happy as well as most productive with BYOD implementations by mobile apps.

Against these ever-growing demands, mobile app developers, particularly quality conscious teams have a hard time to fulfill the gap between demand and supply with client satisfactions and affordability.

After observing the market scenario, many smart tool developers have found out a comprehensive solution and developed drag-and-drop interface based tools to address the needs of small to medium range of features and functionality apps.

They have found out that in-app categories, many apps have almost common features and functionality, and developing those with drag-and-drop UI is possible with smartly designed tools. Thus, it covers a big chunk of demands.

Moreover, enterprises and big businesses, which are less focused on native mobile experiences and look for some standard features, which are functional and suitable to meet their general needs.

Therefore, the same concept has given birth of mobile app development tools for non-coders or non-programmers with just some tech-savviness. With the advent of technologies, increasing demands for such instant app builder tools, and cost-effectiveness has boosted app builder tool market further.


Out of many, we have selected only 12 tools to give a try for mobile app development, of course, with compatibility for native hardware and software to rob off native-like mobile experiences.

1) AppInstitute

It is a drag-and-drop app builder working without coding. It is easy to create a native-like app for iOS and Android platforms using this tool without using a credit card or making any payment until you publish.

It allows you to preview your app as you build and modify. Publishing this app in the respective app stores is hassle free. AppInstitue tool making Company is providing extensive supports through live chat on the website and with other instant messengers.



It is a cloud-based platform with several visual tools for development and integrated backend services. It offers the fastest time-to-market and the lowest TCO to create true agile app development environment.

It has no coding interface to create instantly new RESTful APIs to expose expected application to your app. It lets you mobilize your enterprise systems quickly and without any programming.

It is the most contemporary mobile app development tool due to its MBaaS capacities so you can obtain scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure to create high-level and advanced apps with the least investment.

3) Appsbar


Appsbar enables you to build apps rich in features. It is free of charge app building service. It offers design templates for a variety of app categories. Thus, it makes your job easy to create niche specific features and functionality.

If you are looking for high-end mobile applications for your business on any major mobile OS platform such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, it may have native access & UX.

It is user-friendly and with extensive support including learning documents and video tutorials.

4) LiveBlox

The biggest pre-packaged software applications to create a mobile app is that it is fit for some intended tasks only, which is stealing the freedom and hastening the creativity of developers.

If you are able to make own development tools for designated jobs at the hand, you can bring innovations and address your bespoken needs easily. This tool is providing it all.

5) AppMakr


It is an awesome app building platform for a minimum monthly subscription fee. It enables small, and some medium scale of mobile app development rapidly with DIY approaches so eliminates any coding or programming experiences for the app makers.

It lets app owners to reap off maximum benefits by offering advanced features and functionality such as app sharing, analytics, in-app messages, location-based services, multimedia content, conversations, monetization, and others to increase your conversion and revenue many folds.

AppMakr allows you to create native-like mobile experiences for each leading platform including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry using its custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities.

6) Como


It is a champion of app builder tools because it has credit to publish one million apps on different app stores using its infrastructure.

It offers templates to select and navigational styles. You can decorate your app using its unique artwork. You can integrate industry or niche specific features using its API integration capabilities. Therefore, it is easy to integrate calendar, music, events, and various promotional schemes within your app features.

7) Configure.IT


It is browser-based app development tool for beginners to seasoned developers without writing a single line of any code. It is easy to use tool due to drag-and-drop interface. It is simple because of no need to download or purchase any software to work on it; the only browser is enough.

You can create a rich application with premium features and functionality for iOS, Android, Windows, and other leading mobile OS platforms with access native hardware/software and experiences.

It has some distinguished features, which are setting this tool apart from others.

  • It eliminates compilation for an app preview
  • It takes real-time preview with the splash of screen
  • It has support for MySQL database so developing database-oriented, and enterprise level apps are easy
  • It offers more than 200 properties for customization to take native control
  • It is cloud-based platform, so scalability and high-performance are natural expectations
  • It configures your app according to respective app store guidelines and marketing standards
  • It avoids vendor lock-in by allowing the source code download

8) ShoutEm

You can develop stunning yet powerful mobile app using this simple, affordable, and powerful mobile development tool. It has easy to use interface requires no coding skills to create a mobile application with native compatibility, and you can do all within fractions of time with drag-and-drop capability.

It has tons of features such as content, loyalty, ecommerce, events, business info, local, and social to grab benefits of mobility for you and your business.

9) RunRev


It has simple programming interface with equally simple language integrated. Therefore, you can programming high-end mobile application with the English-like programming language and see previews in real-time. Thus, it has given name LiveCode in open source community.

It makes mobile app programming for native compatibility very fast and proficient for all levels of programmers. If you are a bit tech-savvy, you can jump into coding and LiveCode with GUI tools in RunRev can ease your tasks considerably.

10) AppYourself

It is easy to use the tool, despite its long list of building blocks. It has a partnership with Open Table and Resmio. Therefore, it is easy to include ecommerce capabilities in straightforward ways. It is free to use platform until you are going to publish your app, as publishing on app store needs to pay £18 and it seems quite minimum.


11) Verivo Software


If you want lightweight and client-side native application for your mobile audience, this platform is the best fit for you. Therefore, enterprises are preferring this tool the most.

Moreover, it provides support for a wide array of devices types and mobile OS platforms. It helps to deliver consistent native user experiences by full access to hardware and software.

It has visual or functional elements, which are easy to share across platforms.


Unlike cross-platform frameworks, drag-and-drop tools are delivering cross-platform compatible apps quickly and without doing any coding. Therefore, they are trendy in the market, and millions of users have leveraged those tools in favor of their businesses and professions.

Unfortunately, each business or a client comes with unique needs, which ultimately leads to extensive customization. These tools have some limitations to deliver highly custom solutions to address bespoken needs of the market.

Thus, it is imperative to find out a competing team of mobile app developers to deliver high-end quality at the lowest possible cost so clients can beat the competitions in their niche markets.


Author Bio:

Tarang Vyash is a head of mobile development team at Perception System, the leading Mobile App Development Company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.

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