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Simplifying The Web Designing Process – 5 Essential Tips

There is certain uniqueness about simplicity. Keeping it simple definitely makes the right sense, when it comes to web designing as it helps in reducing the navigation confusion allowing for higher sign-ups and sales, and making the website look sleeker. However, many a times, the concept of simplifying the web design seems to be an elusive approach to consider. Here, we shall be discussing 5 essential tips to simplify your webpage designing process, without hampering the overall functionality and uniqueness.

Keeping Things Simple

A simple design for websites should never look daunting or worthless. It must be soothing to the eyes while being non-complicated in navigation. Simplifying the design can be carried out easily, if you follow certain basic principles. Some of the tasks include focusing only on essential elements of the webpage, getting rid of the unnecessary elements, limiting the number of color shades to use, using more content above the fold, and reducing the total number of pages for the site. Focusing on these essential elements will make the page employ a simplified look, without diminishing the essential factors from it.

Focusing On Essential Elements

Always focus only on the essential elements primarily while designing the site. Many websites fail to put the essential elements and as a result, fail miserably. They overcrowd the site, with all kinds of useless stuffs that challenge the authenticity of the website. Therefore, you must ensure that the site features all the essential elements to start with. This would result in creating a perfect visual design for the web portal. For every single page of the website, make sure that the initial displaying part is only 20% of site elements that promise to highlight 80% of the useful stuffs.

Eliminate Every Unnecessary Stuff

Continuing from the above point, you must focus only on the important stuffs and eliminate every single unnecessary element from the site while developing. The reputed web development firms like, always look to include 20% of the elements that would be offering 80% display results rather than using 80% of the elements to receive only 20% of the outcome. Before including the not-so important elements like, sidebar elements, social media sharing widgets, links in footer, or blog post meta details; try to include informative material into the site.

Try To Keep The Number Of Pages Fewer

If you want to simplify the website design, try keeping a fewer number of pages to make the navigation faster and quicker. Trimming the number of pages help much in the process. Get rid of the pages that contain unnecessary elements. Rather than using multiple pages, try to incorporate elements into a single page. By this way, you can reduce the number of pages for the website.

Choosing The Color Shades

Limiting the color contrasting scheme is essential. Using fewer colors will prevent the scenario from getting complicated. Use of too many color shades on the pages would create a sort of optical illusion for the audience.

Irrespective of the hard work and effort, it becomes difficult to make a website simple, yet innovative. But, then, where there is a will, there is a way. Following the above tips may be useful in creating a simple, yet an informative website.

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