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Riley, Your Man on the Inside – Home Monitoring Robot

With the huge advent in technology, it should make sense that there are now more enhanced security measures for your home. There are always moments where you might feel like you’ve left the home, and then on your way to your destination, feel like you’ve forgotten to lock the door on your way out. With smart robotics technology, there is an intriguing invention called ‘Riley.’ Riley is a home monitoring robot which can essentially bring your home to you whenever you are away.

The motivation behind Riley was to create a more assuring security system that was more in-depth and can capture more than a simple door alarm.

How Riley Works

Riley uses a Wi-Fi connectivity that can be used through any smart phone and can transmit live HD video and audio when it is in use. Riley can also monitor the house for hours, whether it’s during the day or at night. With Riley, there is security almost 24/7.

Riley can be controlled using any smart device, so connect Riley to your Wi-Fi and you can monitor your home, no matter where you are. If you want to keep an eye out on a vacation home or a cottage that you don’t use in the offseason, Riley is perfect, as you can schedule it to roll around the home and see if anything is amiss.

When you step out of your home, you will receive a notification on your smartphone to see what is happening in your home. Riley also has the advantage of automatic recharging, which means it will know when it is low on battery. When that happens, ensure Riley is one meter within the docking station and click the dock feature. Riley will automatically move towards the docking station and dock itself to charge.

Other Benefits of Riley

  • See Your Home Away from Home
  • Play with Your Kids
  • Play with Your Pets
  • Automatic Recharging

Not only is it a great security measure, but it makes for a delightful companion as well, with its easy functionality and remote controlled services.

For a dog monitor with surveillance camera and treat dispenser take a look at the upcoming Pet@Home! In the meantime, give Riley Home Monitoring Robot a try, for better patrolling features and enhanced security!

If you have a pet, both Riley and Pet@Home can be useful because if you don’t want to miss a single thing about your puppy (especially when they are growing up), Riley can document EVERYTHING and capture cute memories, from their pitter patter across the floor of  your home, to them curling up in a ball on the couch for their afternoon nap. Not only that, it can give you immediate notice if there is something wrong with your pet, and help you keep track of their eating habits during the day when you are not at home.

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