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Do I Need Cyber Protection?

As the age of the internet began, more and more people rely on the use of computers and web connectivity throughout the globe. From building relationships on social media to starting businesses through e-commerce to online hospital systems, almost all information is now readability available on the internet. Consequently, cyber hackers and other people who have untoward motives find ways to get this data and use it for their benefit.

In this case, you might be asking: Do I need cyber-protection? Are popular ways to protect your online information, such as cybersecurity penetration testing, effective? Well, do not worry. This article will answer these questions to help you understand more how to protect your cyber data.

The Risk of Cyber Crime

There is nothing evil in modern technology itself. Unfortunately, some use it to execute their despicable intentions. The internet creates a web of connections where you need to provide your information for it to work. In social media platforms, you place your personal details, hobbies, daily activities, and even financial data to also acquire the information you want or need. In an ideal setting, all your details should stay within your device, the web platform, and the bank, if you made a transaction.

However, that scenario is far from reality because cybercriminals lurk worldwide. They are always looking for significant accounts and companies with weak security to target. The risk of experiencing crime now does not only lie in ordinary theft, robbery, etc. Cyber hackers can do faster and almost untraceable crimes, regardless of location, and create damage to lives and businesses.

A Threat To Individuals

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The question of many is: I have individual accounts, do I need cyber-protection? The answer is a resounding YES. Most people think that just because they only use their computers, mobile devices, and gadgets at home, they can be lenient with cybersecurity. Little do they know that simple and harmless looking websites advertised across a social media platform can contain a computer virus once you clicked on the link. Or receiving an email from a seemingly reliable source asking you to re-enter your details. Only to find out after 10 minutes that a cybercriminal withdrew hundreds of dollars from your bank account.

These are only some of the thousands of strategies that cybercriminals use. Every day, more sophisticated tactics emerge, which poses more imposing consequences, such as:

  • Acquiring your bank account information, then forwarding it to a remote server on a different device.
  • Remotely getting pertinent information from your computer and using the data for covert third party-transactions without your knowledge yet getting the blame if anything goes wrong.
  • Logging-in as you on your social media accounts to communicate with your contacts.
  • Planting dangerous data on your devices, which could send you to jail.
  • Deleting all data on your device or creating irreversible damage to it.

A Warning To Companies

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More to individuals, companies, organizations, and businesses, no matter how small or big they are, need cyber protection. If you own or manage a business that has an online presence, finding ways to increase your online security is a must. This peril has an even bigger impact as the fate of your company is connected to the safe-keeping of your assets, especially those that are stored digitally.

On recent researches, many companies and businesses agree that if they do not take action to ramp up their online security, these cybercriminals and their activities can bring unimaginable harm to their company, such as:

  • Divulging sensitive information on company clients and exposing them online.
  • Implanting computer viruses that damage the company computers, which could cause malfunction and irreversible damage.
  • Deleting files and data that could mean years’ worth of company effort in a matter of seconds to minutes.
  • Harming the company’s name, which could make customers and investors hesitant about the products or services that you offer.

Penetration Testing: An Effective Method Against Cyber Criminals

Cybersecurity penetration testing or typically called pen testing is a technique to search through your IT environment and pinpoint potential ways on how a cybercriminal can use the vulnerabilities against your company. It is like hacking into your system but with your knowledge and approval.

Pen testing helps you understand the blind spots of your current cybersecurity, which aids your IT team use to prevent a breach of your data framework in the future. Moreover, it can also boost your security posture and allows you to do prioritization which vulnerability needs immediate fixing.

Penetration Testing Tools

Pen testing tools are innovations that security experts must execute when doing the process. These tools include:

  • Port scanners
  • Application scanners
  • Vulnerability scanning tools
  • Web application assessment proxies

Penetration Testing Methods

Pen testing uses three primary methods:

  1. White Box Penetration Testing – The company gives the testers total access to the IT system and infrastructure.
  2. Grey Box Penetration Testing – The testers are only given partial access to the IT system and infrastructure. It is a focused-type en testing, where only specific areas of the IT structure are tested. Its goal is to assess security gaps in areas that can be easily targeted by hackers.
  3. Black Box Penetration Testing – The testers have no access to any security data of the company. The main goal of this pen testing is to check if a hacker can enter into the system as a real-life hacker would.

Conclusion: Cyber protection is a must for everyone, including you.

Cybercrime brings detrimental damage to both personal and professional users, which creates the need to boost efforts to increase cyber protection. While doing your part is essential, it is also best to have a consultation and the support of security experts.

Security experts could aid your IT team in formulating ways to ramp up your cybersecurity. These professionals are also the ones who can perform penetration testing, which is a proven way to understand how your system can stand against cybercriminals. Remember, all your hard work could vanish in a blink of an eye. It is better to create an attack-proof system than regret in the end.

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