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Let’s get to know Kyrrex, an excellent exchange with high liquidity and low complexity

Kyrrex Exchange is an exchange and excellent trading platform for traders and consumers. It is also a digital wallet that has a mobile app and a neat all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with a fully customizable interface for Windows. Kyrrex is based in Malta and it operates worldwide. This is an extended review of Kyrrex where we will look at how well it works and how it compares with other exchanges.

About Kyrrex

Kyrrex was launched in 2016 in Malta. You can buy cryptocurrency, sell cryptocurrency, exchange cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, Monero and many others. Kyrrex has partnerships with Huobi, Rigel Platform, etc., making them the most trusted and strong exchange platform in the world. Now, Kyrrex isn’t a new exchange, in fact the trade volume of Kyrrex has exceeded 30M USD. That means you can just hop in whether you are a trader or consumer. For people who are new to trading, Kyrrex even has a beginners guide which teaches you how to use the platform to get your work done easily.

The best things about Kyrrex

There are tons of reasons to use Kyrrex as the exchange platform of choice. First is reliability. It processes millions of dollars worth of trades in seconds, so it has a high reliability and is more trusted. Kyrrex is also highly secured with 2FA. This provides extra security to traders and consumers and protects them from unauthorized access. It is a vital thing, because a lot of cases about hacks and thefts are related to unauthorized access or phishing.

It is also really great for beginners. If you are new to the crypto market, and you want to trade as a newbie, you should try Kyrrex right away because of how beginner-friendly the platform is. There are well written guides for newbies, better support, active social channels. There are tons of ways you can learn to trade with Kyrrex. You can check out the beginners guide here in this link. With lower fees and deep liquidity, you can expect better trading experience with Kyrrex. This is one of the consideration points of Kyrrex compared to other exchanges. Even if you are a basic trader with low volume trades, it costs significantly less. Check out the trading fees for Kyrrex Exchange here.

What are exchanges?

So what is an exchange and how Kyrrex can help you as an investor in crypto? Whenever you want to exchange your cryptocurrencies with other currencies, or liquidate your cryptocurrencies, you will be needing an exchange where you can perform all your trading activities. An exchange can provide you tools to secure, monitor and set the best time to trade your assets. From good user experience to security, you need all the stuff for a better trading experience. So what are the things you can expect from a good exchange?

  • Better processing — Faster processing gets your trade done in time, and you can invest more time on the right things. Kyrrex processes millions of dollars worth of transactions each second.
  • Deep liquidity — Thanks to partnership with Huobi and other great partners, Kyrrex can provide deeper liquidity. This allows you to liquify your assets much quicker.
  • Welcoming to the beginners — Trading can be complex for newbies. Nobody learns without trying, and Kyrrex helps newbies learn with friendly user interface and great support. This makes learning easier and great for newbie traders.
  • Strong security — And exchange must provide tools for security. A large part of crypto theft is actually related to poor security. Kyrrex provides 2FA so no one can access your account even if they have your password.
  • Customer verification — An exchange should verify its user in order to provide safe environment for all. This eliminates scams, manipulation, and personal safety concerns for traders. An exchange without KYC verification should be avoided. Kyrrex provide a safe environment for all by verifying its users before they start trading.
  • More than an exchange — Kyrrex provides a secure digital wallet, mobile apps and desktop trading platforms, so you have a wider look of your trades and the market. This is great when you want to trade on the go right from your pocket.

What are the plans in Kyrrex?

You can upgrade your account type in Kyrrex for extra advantage and tools. There are two premium plans beside the free plan. These plans provide extra tools and features for traders who need more. So what are the two premium plans for Kyrrex?

  • Advanced package — For users who want to work with advanced services to improve their trading and use advanced analysis methods. The package offers the desktop terminal with the analysis tools set. You can create your own C# automatic trading algorithms running in trading platform environment.
    The package also includes the Trade Idea signals sharing module.
  • Advanced Plus package — Designed for advanced crypto market traders. The package includes the automatic risk and position management algorithms for Desktop platform, and access to Multi Account Management Programs as the asset manager.

These plans provide advance tools for traders to pinpoint best scenarios for trading and automation. You have access to Scalper modules, EvoCode plugins, Your own C# indicators and automatic trading algorithms running in trading platform environment and many more. The price of these plans are surprisingly affordable and on the top, they provide 3 months of free access to both plans. The best thing about Kyrrex is, you’re not capped with the free plan. Premium plans just allows you to grow as a large trader and have tools necessary to do it.

Is Kyrrex support friendly?

From beginner to advance traders, an exchange should have great support for its users. This is a big thing to consider for beginners. Will I get support if I need, in time? Is it responsive? What if I need to ask something when I’m confused? With Kyrrex, you can expect the best support. Kyrrex support is the friendliest and most responsive. Whatever the issue is, you can expect assurance that it will get solved by Kyrrex. People on various forums talks about how friendly the support team is and how well they can assist whenever you need it.

Is it suitable for professional traders?

Kyrrex can handle large volumes of trades swiftly. With higher speed, even lower fees for large volume trades, excellent tools for advance trading and deep liquidity, you can expect the best from Kyrrex as a professional trader. You have security at every layer, with database encryption to secure your assets. You have lots of advance tools like automatic risk and position management algorithms for Desktop platform, and access to Multi Account Management Programs as the asset manager.

What is Market maker and Market taker?

Markets takers are who agree with the currently listed prices on the order book and wish to fill their trade immediately. If the highest selling price and the lowest buying price is okay for them, and they settle a trade, they become market takers. And Market makers place orders with prices that are different from the current market price. Usually, they will try to sell for a higher price and buy for a lower price. Kyrrex has different fees for makers and takers. This helps bring balance to the market.


Kyrrex is an exchange platform for everyone. From consumers to professional traders. You can start trading with no hassle and complete security. Kyrrex provides deep liquidity with faster transaction and tools for advance traders. You can hop in to trading even if you are a complete beginner. Kyrrex provides better security, active support, lower fees and best features and lot more. You can sign up for Kyrrex here. If you need support, you can head to this page.

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