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Published on August 21st, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


How Google is turning SEO into Pay to Play Era

Over the years, Google has been making distinct changes to its existing SEO algorithms, which depict universal rankings for websites. These changes have been spontaneous in a way and are quite hard to get a hold of at an initial stage.

Integrating SEO service into any modern system or online business is a must. Initially, SEO was easily available to individuals all across the internet. The assets requisite to a successful SEO campaign came in easily and people could make the use of hands-on knowledge to gain easy results. Google has been making significant changes to its SEO structures, which is set to aim more towards monetary associations. Apparently it would be right to acknowledge the fact that Google is all set to turn SEO into the modern “Pay to Play” era.


The apparent shift in scenario

SEO is primarily associated with transactional keywords and targeted audience segments. However, both of these elements are not accountable for earning organic traffic. The most significant reasons are as follows:

  • Integration of paid advertisements
  • Enhancement in the number of ads per query
  • Better Ad placement options with companies willing to provide more space
  • Ad labeling diversification

Monetization and SEO

An SEO Service essentially requires good knowledge about digital marketing and how to make use of Google analytics. The integration of paid advertisement services have caused SEO prolificacy to go down in a significant manner.

The scenario is quite simple; people that have access to a greater fund-base are able to get a hold of better results since they are willing to dump the cash. This new monetization capability has already been affecting SEO in a significant manner and thus conventional SEO has been modified. It is better to say that modern SEO does not work the way it used to be.

For instance we can relate to the fact that nowadays, when we put forth a search query, the first page results are mostly inclusive of articles oriented to the search query. It is highly unlikely that the person will be able to find any direct source associated with the search query unless the query is specific to the point.

The pages associated with the query are given a boost owing to the enhanced ad placement on them. This structural reorganization is clearly indicative of the fact that Google is trying to bring forth “pay to play” culture within the SEO standards.

So what does this eventually mean?

It would be too soon to make any final conclusions associated with the SEO culture onboard, but if the present pattern is followed for a longer time then people with funding shall be the only ones accessing SEO benefits.

It can however be anticipated that the funding required for such a venture will not be too high, but a certain portion may just rise up to a level. In the longer run, Google shall aim for distinct profits and bringing forth the prospect of paid service is a great way to enhance the figures in a short time.

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