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Eight Reasons Why You Still Need a Website in 2016

Owning a website nowadays is no longer a preserve of large-scale organizations or the world’s crème de la crème. Today, almost every institution, even those that have no access to internet facilities, has a website. Individuals too have not escaped the craze to own websites. In addition to Facebook and Twitter accounts, most individuals have websites. Most of these websites are nothing more than a redundant venture. This is because most of the information fed onto websites can be stored in a storage media for future use. Nevertheless, you still need a website for the following reasons.

Online materials

You are well aware that designing, printing and distributing materials such as brochures and catalogs can cost you a fortune. This is especially the case if you hope to reach a wider market and attract more customers. Owning a website will cut down such costs to almost zero. All you have to do is to design the brochure or catalog and post it on your website. There are no printing costs and no distribution charges. Those materials will get a huge visibility because many people visit websites every hour of the day. It will not take long before you start receiving heavy traffic on your website. If you are selling a product, you can expect more customers coming for it.

Wider market

If you care about markets, then you still need a website in 2016. Many people are turning to online options when in need of anything. Why, even lifetime partners can be sourced online. More than 3 billion people are using the internet for various reasons. One of the major reasons to turn online is business. You must have purchased something online recently. Therefore, the internet is providing a wide market for all sorts of goods and services. Go beyond the borders by having a website today. Beat local competitors at their own game by designing an attractive website and displaying your wares online. Well, ask Amazon. They are selling their products world-wide without moving an inch. And 40% of the amazon business is being promoted by coupon websites. Recently, a popular coupon website from India stated that they have sent almost 2million unique online visitors from their amazon coupons page to Amazon in the month of Jan 2016. Just imagine, how much traffic they can expect from 100 such websites?

24-hour visibility

With the advent of mobile telephony, more and more people have access to the internet today. You can tap into this trend by creating your own website this year. Your business or organization, or whatever it is that you want people to know about, is likely to enjoy more visibility when it is online rather printed on a piece of paper. Every single hour of the day – and even now – people are busy flipping web page in search of something to capture their fancy. These include idlers whiling away their time, fashionistas looking for something trendy, researchers hunting for obsolete facts and people looking for something to buy. This goes on throughout the day.

Enhanced customer care

One factor driving the profitability and growth of business enterprises today is an effective customer care. However, the importance of customer care can almost be overshadowed by its high costs. Maintaining an efficient and effective customer care unit can cost you a fortune. Even then, it may not be as effective as you want because human beings will always have their weaknesses. A well-designed website can solve the customer care dilemma for you at very little cost. A small section of your website can do. It is called the FAQ where web visitors can access any information that they need. The section won’t have moods or be fatigued at the end of the day, like humans do. Boost your business strength by getting a website this year.

Employment opportunity

Unless you were born with a silver platter in your mouth, you won’t land a job so easily nowadays. Without your own website, you will be reduced to physically distributing your CVs from one company to another. What you do not know is that once a company receives your CV, it is not granted that they will give it a second glance because there are thousands of them already in the file. With a website, you increase your visibility because your potential employer is also an online addict. It is easy to read something online rather than at your desk. Plus, it is easy to update your CV online. You can design an attractive website that showcases your skills and knowledge. This is more likely to catch the eye of a prospective employer than sending a CV to his desk.

Source of revenue

Yes, you can earn a little extra income from the comfort of your sitting room and without going anywhere. If you have a website, you can easily turn your hobbies into an income-generating activity. You are crazy about football, which is alright. You can start writing blogs about football. Make them as interesting as possible and you will start generating traffic. Before you know it, advertisers will start asking to use your website to advertise stuff. Ask for a little fee in return and watch your net worth grow in leaps and bounds.

You got a voice

The best place to air your views is online. This is because it offers you safety by the option of being anonymous. Consequently, you can write about anything without any fear of repercussions. In fact, your crazy ideas will be more sale-able online than having to meet a group of cantankerous people. You can always swiftly end an unfavorable argument by asking your audience to read your blog. You can always delete any unpalatable reaction to your blog by dragging it to the spam folder. So, having your own website will definitely grant you a voice to reach out.

Beat competition

This is the major challenge facing business today. You can combat this challenge by designing a website that will attract clients from all over the world, not just your neighborhood. Instead of creating animosity with your next door businesses y scrambling for the few available customers, market your products online. Ensure there is an option for people to buy goods online and you make deliveries. You will end up with more customers than your neighbors.

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