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Is Filippo Loreti really sorry? – Our review of an elaborate Kickstarter watch scam/trap

You can go check this link out to read what looks like a heart-felt apology from a deceiving brand that has under-delivered to some customers  for two times in a row and is shamelessly ready to do it for the third time. We are talking about Filippo Loreti that has not yet delivered all of its so-called ‘luxury watches’ to customers from its last two campaigns and is now starting with its third campaign.

This is another smart trick from the Lithuanian founders so that they can loot and ‘sell’ people again.  

At some point in time, you must have thought of owning a luxury watch or maybe a set of it. It has always been your dream and you have always wanted to couple it with a classy suit and go on a date with your bae. Well, who wouldn’t like a shiny luxury watch that is a true mark of style and panache?

What if you were told that you can own a luxury watch and that too without burning a hole in your pocket? You would think that it is some kind of a joke and wouldn’t fall for that deal because all that glitters is not gold, right?

A brand by the name of ‘Filippo Loreti’ is putting its customers through a similar situation as mentioned above. Their marketing game is top-notch but when it comes to delivery, they fall flat on their face. Based on similar cases, their media spend should be humongous especially on social media because that’s the first way to attract somebody in any trap. “Oh, if it’s on web, has got a website, a social media page with thousands of likes, yes, I can trust them.”

Even though they started really great, but they were bound for a downfall because of their poor business management, lack of customer support and most importantly, inability fulfilling many of their promises based on several negative comments on the web and from direct backers from Kickstarter. While things might be going really well for them as they have raised almost 5 Mn Euros for the second campaign, it is the customers who are facing the problems. The company, after finishing their first campaign by showing them a rosy picture of an affordable luxury watch, repeated history with their second campaign and is now planning to do it again with its third campaign. Mind you guys, based on backer’s comments, it seems like neither the deliveries from first and second campaign is completed, nor are all the customers happy with the product or their services.  Now they are trying their hand at a Smart Watch in their third campaign and selling refined versions of their old watch when for their previous campaigns, the delivering, refunding, and fixing their old watches are not all fulfilled yet.  Looking at their past performance, we know that, it wouldn’t be something great, for sure. Imagine if you need it repaired, that would mean additional costs and possibly another 3 months or longer because a smart watch is hard to repair.It’s quite simple, if you buy Filippo Loretti, you’re in for a frustrating journey which includes several major speed bumps and regret of a lifetime.

What is the ‘trap’?

Filippo Loretti, without fulfilling its delivery from the second campaign, has moved onto their third campaign, leaving everyone hanging in the middle. Many people have faced this inconvenience and have expressed their anger and frustration. The comment box on Kickstarter for this particular brand has new customer grievances every day.

It’s quite clear that whosoever chooses to buy a Filippo Loretti has to go through the irritating circumstance of late or no delivery. Furthermore, the product received also is of questionable quality. Here’s what happened to one of the backer’s watch within seconds of unboxing:


You’d be surprised to know that this brand has also promised a 10-year warranty on its watches to the customers customers which seems to be nothing but another   marketing technique. By ordering a Filippo Loreti watch, you will be in for delays in everything, be it delivery, replacement, repairs or refunds based on comments and grievances from backers.

They say that time and tide wait for none, but time certainly will if you are watching it on a ‘Filippo Loreti’.

Here’s another classic example of a frustrated customer..

What’s more surprising is that the delay wasn’t from June to October. It was actually from 2017 March to October (and they had since December 2016 to prepare). When the product that people have ordered is not being delivered to them for 10 months, you wonder what would happen in case you wanted exchange or refund. The woes still don’t end because even after waiting for almost a year, people may still get a watch that ceases to work within moments of unboxing.

How Filippo Loreti started?

The online success story of Filippo Loreti is like no other. It was promoted on the revolutionary crowd-funding platform – Kickstarter which needs no introduction. Now we don’t mean to demean the platform because it is also promoting several reliable brands that doesn’t have any such problems and have customers that are happy with their service. It’s for no fault of their own their name is being involved and their reputation is being put at cost. The platform can catapult any business’ success.

Moving on, the main problem that lies with the Filippo Loreti watch is that they are failing to fulfill their promises. They keep on delaying the delivery from older campaigns yet come up with newer campaigns.

Get a hold of this:

  • They promised to deliver the watches from their second campaign by March and it’s almost mid-October.
  • Furthermore, they show images of watches from other luxury brands such as Rolex and Zenith. Also the product delivered is not anywhere near the quality that has been promised.

    Here’s an image which shows how blatantly they copied designs. Although they have removed it now, but some community user has saved the screenshot which has only helped us all in getting to the roots of their marketing. The below modified picture of movements is from Zenith El Primero Calibre.

    Shown below is the original image

  • And they have not stopped. People haven’t received the all the deliveries from the second  campaign and these guys have now moved on to their third campaign manufacturing so-called “Smart Watches”. May the force be with people who have fallen or are going to fall into the trap as their bad customer service is just not stopping. Here’s the picture, with your sheer luck, you might get the watch delivered on time. But what if it doesn’t work? You can see how well they handle their customers’ grievances. So what would you do? You’d get it repaired, right? That would mean additional costs and possibly another 3 months or longer because a smart watch is harder to repair than a regular watch.  So just do not fall for this scam and buy a smart watch from any other reliable brand.

We pulled off some user comments from over the web when we were looking for Filippo Loreti reviews. Here’s a screenshot of the same.

Click here to know what people have to say about Filippo Loreti on Reddit –

In conclusion, we would like to say, because it happened to be the general consensus that – our opinion is to refrain from buying Filippo Loreti watches as it’s a troublesome and painful journey to getting a ‘luxury’ watch.


This review/article is based purely on personal opinions and expressions only, and it does not represent, claim, or state anything in particular. There are no ‘proven’ facts in this article, it is an opinion based summary based on research and other articles.

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41 Responses to Is Filippo Loreti really sorry? – Our review of an elaborate Kickstarter watch scam/trap

  1. Avatar Erik D. says:

    Don’t buy Filippo Loreti. Bad business practices, low quality and ooor return policies. They will fight you on returns. If you’re willing to try them do so at own peril.

  2. Avatar Adrian says:

    These watches are nothing but cheap Chinese mass produced in the thousands. These watches are available for 15 to 20 bucks on Alibaba except they have another name on the dial which is “Simple line.”
    All of these watches on Alibaba are exactly the same as there designs.
    Clever marketing to market a 15 to 20 buck watch for nearly 10 times the price. There are already smart watches such as theirs on Alibaba for 30 bucks.
    All marketing and bulls*** .

    • Avatar LUL says:

      I blame forbes, they were featured there.

      • Avatar Andrew says:

        The Forbes feature was written by a marketing friend of theirs.
        Anybody can write a review on Forbes with the right advertising if you notice the small print on Forbes it is not endorsed by Forbes.
        It is just more marketing rubbish to make you think that. Again Forbes do not endorse this.

  3. Avatar Justin says:

    Just had a similar experience with Filippo – sent me the wrong watches then charged me extra on my card for them.

  4. Avatar LUL says:

    This guys are total scammers, i got one of their watches, i had a small collection of mid range watches, the filippo loretti one is worse than an entry level mechanical watch from swatch (though i dunno if the cristal of filippo loretti is actual saphire as they advertise, it doesn’t quite feel like regular glass, nor mineralized but is also doesn’t feel like sapphire, is probably saphire coated?), and the swatch is MECHANICAL!

  5. Avatar Erik DiMarco says:

    Filippo Loreti is an awful company that engages in poor business practices. I ordered two watches. Didn’t like them. Nothing wrong just not my style. Took me numerous emails and many reviews to get them to take action to give my return in process. Today they claimed they hadn’t received the watches back, but the UPS tracker – for the return slip they sent me – shows it was delivered 11/06. Complete liars and scam artists.

    • Avatar Len B says:

      I have the exact same experience. They claimed to not have received the watches I returned even though the DHL tracking explicitly showed the package as delivered and signed for (with a scan of the guys signature).

      Next they tell you “Oh it was picked up, but it is our warehouse not our office. It will take some time to get to our office”. Then they will tell you they have issued a refund, which of course they have not. Most laughable is they claim they issued the refund to “the same Paypal account that you payed with”… except I didn’t pay with Paypal in the first place. Go figure.

      Spread the word about these lying scammers.

  6. Avatar Len B says:

    Stay far FAR away from this company. They offer free no-questions-asked returns but in reality they will stall your return process forever. You will NEVER get anything back from this company if you ever payed them money.

    Scammers of the worst kind since they manage to fool so many people (including me). A truly loathsome company with despicable business practices.

  7. Avatar Jason says:

    AVOID!! Over promised, under delivered, plus the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  8. Avatar Erik says:

    The company DO NOT provide any recipe or invoice for the watches :/ after tons of emails they sent me some king of “invoice” from China… THIS COMPANY HAS NOTHING COMMON WITH ITALY, SCAM

  9. Avatar Nonya says:

    Absolute DOG SHIT, do NOT ever buy ANYTHING from these fuckers.

  10. Avatar David says:

    Is there something one can do against these fraudulous practices?

  11. Avatar Mr Q says:

    Horrible customer service, actually worst customer service i have ever experienced. For compensation they give you vouchers that don’t even work. My watch glass shattered as a result of cabin pressure when flying. They look really fancy but quality isn’t anywhere up to standard.

  12. Avatar Victor says:

    Order a time piece from them and when I received it I tried to set the time and ended up with the turn dial in my hand it came loose
    I emailed them and explained the situation and asked for a full refund to which I got a response that they would give me the refund but would keep $15 euros for the return. A couple of days ago got an email from someone named Paulina asking for my personal information letting me know that mi time piece was “fixed” I replied to her email letting her know that I didn’t want it to be fixed and requested again for a full refund, today she replied to my email saying that the time piece was worn and that there were scratches on the face. How was this possible if I never had a chance to wear it? Totally disappointed and I very much regret getting a watch from these people. Horrible experience. Don’t buy from them!

  13. Avatar Ollie says:

    I’m so upset!!!
    wish i had found this page before paying them last year, they say i haven’t paid a thing and that something went wrong, so i had to prove to them with bank statements and proof of transactions. they told me someone would be in contact to sort it out straight away, have been trying everything to get in contact with them ever since november 2017… But still nothing,

    complete scam that has left a lot of hard working average people out of pocket.

  14. Avatar Kev Rem says:

    I ordered one on Thursday. It was in my hands on Monday. Just to let you know.

  15. Avatar Chris says:

    I never wound up paying for it, but they shipped it to me anyways.

    Not gonna complain, although they clearly don’t know how to run a business.

  16. Avatar ioannis says:

    hello everybody so i see all the coments and yes unfurtunatly i make the same mistake please DO NOT BUY this watch maximum 60£-80£ is the quality of this watch i send back for refund but the answer was obvius NO at least il hope the bring it back

  17. Avatar NachoKingP says:

    @Sunit Nandi, If this is your site, you really should bring someone with a better grasp of the English language to proofread and edit your articles before you publish. It will greatly enhance the professionalism of your site. Just a friendly heads-up.

  18. Avatar AB says:

    Worst experience ever with a company so…

    Worst experience ever with a company so far. Delay after delay, bot-like and auto answers from their “customer service” department. Airquoting because this has to be the most awful service I’ve ever witnessed. Still waiting, month after month…nothing. I even told them it’s a gift for a special day and I need it in time, but after months of delay, they don’t seem to care. My gift is useless now, can’t count on these guys.

    This Trust Pilot review is send after sending already 9 e-mails, 3 FB messges (all deleted), 2 instagram DM’s to the CEO’s, LinkedIn message and making 11 calls to Italy (no response). Probably my bad, should’ve done more research before purchasing, because it seems I’m not the only one with this fun Loreti experience.

    Still waiting for help…

    *this post is removed from their Facebook, if they only have as much time for service as they have for censorship*

    Also took time to send to both ceo’s a personal message, no response (yet)

    Hi Danielius,

    Ive send this message also to Matas and I really really hope you guys can help me.

    After 9 e-mails, 3 (deleted) Facebook messages and 11 calls to Italy (without success) Im sending u this personal message.

    I backed your great project last year with buying 2 watches. Why? Because this year in July my father in law is celebrating his 65 years anniversary. A big day needs a big present. In the meantime customer support assured me my pieces will be deliverd in July, unfort with a big delay, but in time for the anniversary.

    Sadly, the anniversary is this weekend and still nothing, besides delay after delay. My present became useless and I really counted on you guys. Still not sure when I receive it, but it kinda became useless.

    I really wanted help in this matter, but customer support just keeps on deleting my social media messages, e-mail responses are all auto copy paste “sorry we cant help you” and cathing you guys on the phone is a mission impossible.

    What started with great enthusiasm turned out to be my worst experience Ive ever had with a company. I supported you from day 1 and now all Im asking is to help me back and not ruin my gift.

    I hope you can help me.



    Guys, what an awful experience. Never ever felt the need to write such a review. Someone advice? Would love to cancel my order after 5 months of delay, but cant contact anyone.

  19. Avatar adam says:

    This company is an absolute scam, i ordered one 12 months ago they’re still telling me there’s delays and they told me they wont refund my money. NEVER ORDER FROM FILIPPO LORETI

  20. Avatar Andrew says:

    Absolutely the worst watch and company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. The mesh bracelet they sent BROKE the very first day I tried to set it and there response was to Buy a new one for $100. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  21. Avatar Danielius says:

    Bullshit brand bullshit company. Way too cocky, be humble you scammers. Just because you associate with Italy doesn’t mean you have anything to do with Italy, In fact there’s nothing Italian about them, just pure marketing.

    Here are some of their manufacturers: (used since the beginning and lying that some will be made in Italy)

  22. Avatar Danielius says:


  23. Avatar Luigi says:

    «Their marketing game is top-notch». I totally disagree here. Their marketing is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what marketing should be – shitty copy, shitty positioning, shitty everything.

    And being Italian, I feel insulted that they used an Italian name for a low-end product that has NOTHING to do with anything that “Made in Italy” stands for.

    It’s the same scam as so-called “Italian restaurants” where the only thing Italian is the name.

    Give me a break.

  24. Avatar Steve says:

    Sad that this is a scam and the watch is junk!!!

  25. Avatar Wendy says:

    Don’t buy watch from them. I ordered a black and red automatic watch cost US600 +, ended up the watch stop working every night, and I need to adjust the time everyday morning. It is a scam. Paid so much just learn a lesson. They don’t reply my email at all.

  26. Avatar Vinicius Garcia Rangel says:

    I’m one of the backers m, and I just haven’t received my watch. I complained about it in their Facebook page, and hit blocked. It’s a scam, helped by Kickstarter and Forbes.

  27. Avatar Vinay James Mathews says:

    Organized scam at a different level. Holding public money at large for such a long period should yield them good returns. Stay away or get fooled.

  28. Avatar Patric says:

    I wish I had found this page before backing them on Kickstarter. I pledged on their 2017 campaign in late November. Still haven’t gotten my watches yet. They said their estimated delivery date was April 2018. I started emailing them in July 2018. Month after month they said they will ship it by the end of next month. It’s November. I’ve asked for a refund since this was going to be a gift for my dad. They refused a refund and stopped responding to my inquiry about the status of my order. Before pledging, I tried to read as many reviews as I could. I saw some pictures of their watches. The watches looked good in the photos. Saw some articles on Forbes about them and how good they were. Now I question the authors of the articles on Forbes because according to the people who got the watches, they’re not Swiss luxury watches. Some of them are broken after wearing for a day. Some just fell apart. That’s awful. I’m actually glad that I didn’t give my dad these watches because from the sound of it, they’re crap.

    These are reviews on Filippo Loreti kickstarter page. Links below.

    Their 2017 campaign

    Their 2016 campaign

    Some people from their 2016 pledge haven’t even gotten their watches. 2 years. No watch. It’s in the comments section.

  29. Avatar Ahmed Abdelmaqsoud Mohamed says:

    worst experience i ever had with online purchasing ,
    first : you can cancel your order or modify it by yourself
    second : to do so you must send an email to the non customer service and they will not answer you
    third : they just send you automated messages promising that they will answer you some day

    do not purchase any thing from them if you want to save your money

  30. Avatar Artur says:

    I have never written any reviews, but this time I can’t be silent.

    I have bought Filippo Loreti watch and after 6month it stops working.
    I have contacted their support team to organize repair of their watch (as they give me 10 years warranty) however they refuse to repair it and did not clearly explain why.

  31. Avatar Sam says:

    Ordered three pieces in Q3-Q4 2017 and got them in January 2019… Also paid extra for fast delivery. Emailed the company 4 times, and they just replied with delays. So fucking disappointed! Regret to have had anything to do with them at all!!!!!!

  32. Avatar Tommy says:

    I have paid for my watches on november 2017. I am still waiting for delivery. All my mails were answered by the same message : ”We are planning to ship your order in a matter of weeks”.
    They still have no clue when they will send my watches. I asked for a refund, they refused !
    Stay far away from this scam !

  33. Avatar jason nevins says:

    THIS IS A PONZI SCHEME. It appears their first kickstarter campaign is funded by the second, the second will be funded by the third and at some point, someone will be left wondering where it all went wrong. Kickstarter takes no responsibility for campaigns and your credit card provider will not be able to refund the payment.

    Your only course of action is to initiate a civil suit against the creators. Good luck with that one!

    My only recommendation is to smear their reputation on as many social media platforms as possible and provide factually accurate events to substantiate your claims. They will remove the comments but keep posting!!!

  34. Avatar Darius says:

    I was a backer and have one, total crap. It looks so poor in reality that is shame to wear it. Guys have created a perfect scheme to f..k all. You should support them on Kickstarter and then receive the watch. And .. there is no possibility to return the watch back and refund your money if you are not satisfied, because you didn’t buy it 🙂 You supported them 🙂

  35. I’m not usually writing reviews. I just received a Filippo Loreti watch that I bought for my wife. It was ordered at the end of november 2018 (I got a discount price with some black friday campaign). I have received the watch yesterday. So yes, I do agree that the delivery time is unacceptable. During this time I have exchanged a couple of emails with their customer support and I have to say that I always got an answer within less than 48 hours. They said the watch will be shipped in January 2019 then they said it will be shipped at the end of January (which actually happened). I have received an UPS tracking number and the tracking and delivery was really accurate.

    Now about the watch. It’s a Venice Moonphase Silver watch with a default leather strap. I’ve also received a Stainless Steel Butterfly Clasp that was included for free since that was the Black Friday offer. Additionally I have also received a Sand Grey Suede Italian Leather Strap (rated at $41 on their website) for free (I didn’t order it, I haven’t requested it and I didn’t have any arguments with their support). So I have to assume that either it was a mistake or a way to make up for the long delivery time.

    The straps are really easy to change and look nice and classy. I can’t tell if they are real leather or not or if they worth the price. The watch looks really nice, it’s easy to adjust the time, date, day, month etc. No issues so far with it but it’s less than 24 hours so it’s hard to say. Hopefully there will be no future problems.

    I didn’t write this post to make Flippo Loreti to look good (a good review among the huge list of bad reviews). I do not have any connection with them. Most probably, if I would have read this page before ordering, then there would have been no ordering.

    Now that I did, I can’t say I’m sorry for the money. At least for now.

  36. Avatar Nick Lee says:

    We need to find the two frauds Danielius Jakutis and Matas Jakutis and put a bullet in thier foreheads.

    Someone please shoot them and bury thier bodies in a shallow grave.

  37. Avatar Long says:

    They are scammers. These are just Alibaba watches for $10-15 bucks that are resold for 10x that to the everyday consumer who’s never seen a luxury watch. I urge everyone write a review on TrustPilot or anywhere so that other people can be aware.

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