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Simple Tips for DIY Car Maintenance

In depressing economic times such as now when the world economy is roiled by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to think of clever ways to save some money. A frugal life will be what keeps us afloat to ride out a tough time when many people have either lost their jobs or have had their source of income reduced.

One of the ways that you can try to save money is going DIY – from home improvement projects to your car repairs and upgrades. With the internet and You Tube for online tutorial, you will find it extremely satisfying when you successfully fix or repair your car or your house. You can even do a DIY hair-cut for yourself with step-by-step online tutorials! And after several tries, you’ll be better at handling projects that you were used to paying the professionals to do. Think of the amount of money you’ll save by taking on some auto repairs and maintenance jobs yourself. And the sense of achievement you’ll get when you see the final product.

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You don’t need to be an auto expert or even mechanically-savvy. But there are some repairs and maintenance work that you can handle quickly and easily with minimal expenses. Below are some of the car repairs and maintenance works that you can handle yourself. The replacement parts can be bought online without having to leave the house. The mantra this year is stay home and stay safe!

  1. Change of air filter
  2. Replacement of windshield wipers
  3. Battery maintenance
  4. Change of oil and oil filter
  5. Refill the radiator with fresh coolant
  6. Fuel Filter Replacement
  7. Replacement of brake pads.
  8. Replacement of spark plugs.

Having your car’s spark plugs replaced at the shop will run you about $60 and an oil change can cost $40. The list is endless. The above auto maintenance can be taken on by yourself and you’ll perhaps save thousands of dollars over the life of your car!

The internet has opened up the possibilities of car fixing, repairing and customization by allowing the sale and purchase of auto parts all over the world. While you may find the best deals, finding a good shipping company to ship second hand car parts to you can still be a challenge. Searching for the right auto parts delivery service can be time-consuming and frustrating as you search through hundreds of web pages or ask around from friends or social media pages. On the Shiply online platform, you simply have to enter a few simple details about your auto parts and hundreds of rated shipping companies will send you quotes, sometimes up to 75% cheaper than usual. You can then compare prices to ship your vehicle parts and select the one that offers the best deals that meet your requirements.

Lastly, if you have no confidence in handling a task yourself, seek out your good friend or neighbour who may be happy to lend a helping hand. Make sure you know your experience and expertise level and don’t attempt a DIY project that’s too difficult to handle. All the best in your DIY auto projects!

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