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Scams to Avoid When Gambling Online

Competition is never a bad thing, and nowhere is this more true than in online gambling. The easy accessibility of the internet has caused a tsunami of gambling apps and websites to pop up, giving players more choice than ever before.

However, with all good things comes the bad. That same accessibility makes it 10x easier for scammers to set up shop and take advantage of unsuspecting players.

We’re going to clue you into some of the most common scams to avoid when gambling on the internet.


Who could forget the WannaCry ransomware from a few years back? This worm caused havoc in 2017, locking down computer systems across the world, and demanding ransoms paid in cryptocurrency.

Ransomware is a frightening new reality, and if you download an unsafe gambling app, you could easily find your device locked until you pay whatever the hackers demand, often in untraceable cryptocurrencies like Monero.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, download your apps from safe sources like the Google Play Store or directly from the websites of trusted brands.

Identity Theft

Most gamblers like no deposit bonuses. After all, what’s not to like? All you have to do is sign up, collect your bonus, and hope you win with no risk.

However, some sneaky rogue operators take advantage of this with the aim to steal your identity. The con goes like this:

You sign up, collect your $10 no deposit bonus, play some slots, and suddenly you win thousands on a lucky spin. Excitedly, you contact the cashier, and she tells you that you need to verify your identity to release the funds.

Of course, once you send in your passport and proof of address, the rogue operator has your identity. Combined with your address and date of birth, which is part of the process of registering at online casinos, they now have everything needed to steal your identity.

Some rogue operators will also sell your details to unscrupulous operators who target degenerate gamblers with relentless marketing campaigns. This can be tragic, because these rogue sites don’t have the sort of protections that regulated casinos do, and they can drain the bank accounts of problem gamblers without mercy.

Unfair Casinos

Sometimes, the scams aren’t as obvious as the two mentioned above. Everything can appear legit, but at scam casinos, you don’t have a realistic chance of winning the games.

There are a couple of angles on this scam. The casino might be running rigged games, or it might simply refuse to pay out jackpots. You’d be surprised by some of the big-name operators who do this and get away with it. A quick Google search will reveal some household names that have simply refused to pay jackpots because it says they have the right to do so in the terms and conditions.

This can be truly heartbreaking for players who have often waited years to land a big win. Since regulators are largely asleep at the wheel in this situation, and some countries like the USA don’t even have regulated gambling markets, you have to do your own research and find out if the casino you want to play at is fair.

Don’t trust based on brand name alone. Read forums, find out what real players think of the gambling sites, and don’t necessarily trust “reviews” you read on sites that are often nothing more than a promotional marketing post talking up the casino.


Online gambling has a bad name because of a few unscrupulous people who take advantage of naive punters. The vast majority of operators play fair. However, we’re not going to sugar-coat it – there are lots of scammers out there, and the damage they can do is immense.

Take care of yourself, do your research, and remember the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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