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Backup System for a Professional Tech-Savvy Writer – a Real Treasure

Even though the act of writing has never changed and never will, we can easily notice that today’s writers are constantly evolving. What does that mean? Well, our world is quickly shifting towards a digital oriented society. The newest technology improvements have allowed us to develop new ways for almost any type of activity.

Nowadays, we call them “modern writers”. The role of a modern writer has remained exactly the same as the role of a pre-modern writer. But what makes a writer “modern”? What is the difference between a traditional writer and a tech-savvy writer?

During today’s article we’ll tackle an interesting topic: we’re going to examine the qualities and aptitudes of a modern tech-savvy writer and we’re going to teach you how to become one. Ultimately, we’ll see why developing a back-up system is a must for any writer who uses technology in order to perform his activities.


Becoming a Modern Writer – Why & How?

First things first; what is a modern writer? Simply put, modern writers are individuals that are able to create content with the use of modern technology. Ever heard of the term “tech-savvy”?

Well, in order for a writer to be considered modern, he must have basic technology skills: operating a PC, dealing with a smart device, taking advantage of special digital tools, and so on.

Is a modern writer better than a traditional one? In many aspects, yes. A tech-savvy writer can take advantage of many helpful tools that can improve his writing activity. He can also think and take better decisions, as he understands the current marketplace’s needs.

In case you are not satisfied with your technical skills and you want to become a successful modern writer, follow these tips:

  • Become a Tech-Savvy Professional

Taking advantage of all the possible technology you have at your disposal is critical for nowadays professional success. As a modern writer, you should be able to use different tools which purpose is to help you manage your time, priorities, tasks, and many other day-by-day writers’ aspects.

  • Take Advantage of Professional Software and Services

Every modern writer needs to be flexible. That means that along with the basic technology skills, he must take advantage of special software and tools. These tools are usually great because they are extremely practical and can save a lot of time and effort. For example, there are proofreading tools that can suggest mistakes within your text.

For example, you may not be a good editor and proofreader. In that case, you could definitely use some professional editing services. I always use Australian Writings, as they can provide great content and their prices are not even that high.

  • Use Social Media for Ideas & Promotion

Ignoring social media platforms would be such a waste! Nowadays, people are always checking on their social media profiles for news, instant messaging, and for many other actions. In order to improve your writing, you can take advantage of this modern online environment.

You can create a followers base and ask feedback on your content. You can also ask them for new content ideas. In the meanwhile you are also promoting your business or services.

  • Have a Backup Plan

We’re not going into specifics right now, because next we’re going to give more details about back-up plans. What you have to keep in mind though is that a back-up plan is the number one priority for a professional modern writer. With today’s technology, losing your hard work is not a slim possibility.

Backup Systems Explained

So what exactly is a backup system? A backup system is practically an exact copy of a digital file; documents, pictures, songs, and basically everything that’s on your software. Whenever you lose something, a back-up of any specific file will solve your problem.

Backup systems are extremely important because they can be used as a precaution. You may be using your PC and phone to send orders, write things down, and so on. In case you drop your phone on the ground or your computer gets hacked, you’re losing all your work. Instead of that, you should take the necessary precautions and set up a backup system.

I’d say that us writers, we must take extra care of our jobs. That’s because we can lose our clients by not being able to deliver the content, and we can also lose a lot of money. Imagine writing a 200 pages book. You have just reached page 150 in two months of work. Your PC gets hacked and everything gets permanently deleted. What do you do?

Let’s get straight to the practical tips. There are many ways in which we can keep backups of our important work. Let’s explore few of the ways and tools that sit at our disposal.

Tips and Tools to Develop a Secure Backup System

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to create a backup system, but there are three specific ways of doing it right.

  1. Bootable Backup System

Often called a “clone”, a bootable backup is a full copy of your computer’s hard drive. In case your computer dies, you can boot it using the backup that you had created earlier. You’re not only going to get back all of your personal files, but you’re also going to get access to every software you have previously use and to all of the passwords that you’ve saved before.

  1. External Backup System

You can also choose to opt in for an external hard drive in order to archive your files.  This option differs from the first in a few ways: it’s not supposed to be a bootable clone, and it’s not going to save all of your information at a certain point in time. Instead, it will create consistent backups which will be renewed as the time passes.

  1. Cloud Backup System

This represents the most convenient and most secure way of storing your files. It is also easy to do, as you only have to create an online account on an online storage network. Cloud backups can never be reached by hackers, so they have a plus compared to your other choices. If you possess sensitive files, I’d suggest using this option.

Well, now that you know your options choose one of them and start taking the first action towards creating your backup plan. I know you may think “well, I’ll do it later”. I did exactly the same; I had to lose a big important project in order to realize that I should never work again without creating the necessary backups.

Extra tip: In case you want to fully secure your files, I’d suggest going with all three backup systems. You can create a cloud backup, external backup, and also a bootable one. If something bad happens, you can approach more places and therefore have more chances of retrieving your lost documents.


Backup systems are extremely relevant for all the tech-savvy modern writers out there. If you don’t have one by now, I’d seriously suggest creating it immediately. You can’t imagine the benefits of getting everything back after you’ve thought you lost it all.

Take all of the tips learned here into consideration and start applying what suits your needs. Some of you may be more tech-savvy than others, but that shouldn’t stop any of you from maintaining a continuous development of your professional activity!


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