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Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by KamikazeXeX


Android Nougat’s hidden game

From Marshmallow, Android has now incorporated the idea of giving its millions of users a free game whenever it releases a new Android version. The new version of Android, Android Nougat 7.0 comes with its own game, a cat game that can have you staring at the screen of your phone for a long time, as it is addictive once you start playing. This is a commendable development coming from Android as it knows that users can quite simply run out of data making it difficult to access games on Internet-based sites such as Online Casino UK. However, you need to follow a few steps before you can access the Android Nougat game.

Steps to unlock the hidden Android Nougat game

In order to unlock the Nougat Easter Egg game, you need to navigate to the ‘About Phone’ tab under Setting. Once there you need to repeatedly tap on Android 7.0 until a big ‘N’ pops up. You need to quickly tap the big ‘N’ sign before it disappears on your screen. As you click the ‘N’ sign, a little cat emoji will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Once the cat emoji appears, drag down the notifications panel. Press the ‘Edit’ button and scroll down until you see the following, “????? Android Easter Egg”. That is the hidden game right there. However, you cannot play it from there, you need to drag and drop it either on your front screen or in other tabs.

How to play

The Easter Egg game is more like a card tile game. Once you open the game, you will see a set of four cats; choose the tile you want by tapping on it. Wait for a few seconds and you will soon see a notification saying you have caught a cat. The game is addictive and you can play it repeatedly for the whole day.

The Easter Egg game for Android Nougat comes in the wake of another successful Android hidden game in Android Marshmallow. It seems that Android heeded the call by Android users to continue bringing games to its Android versions. However, it has to be said that Android users now want Android to unleash games that are not hidden but games playable from the home screens.

Besides the new hidden games that came with the past two Android versions, Android has not released a game of its own nor has it partnered with any game developer to bring games to its users. This is in stark contrast to Apple which has partnerships with different game developers and has over the years brought different games to its millions of users worldwide.

If Android is to continue challenging Apple, then this is one area in which it has to develop further. What Android needs to do is to engage other game developers and work together to bring Android powered games that are totally free for its users, the games may come with in-app purchases but hey need to be Android powered.

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