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22 Effective Travel Logo Design That Take You on an Adventure

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” ~ Marcel Proust

Travelling is an excellent way to unravel and relax. And if you deal in travelling business, then you must understand its importance and leisure of it. As a travelling agent, it is your duty to ensure that your clients have the best time of their lives acquainted with your services. But how do you attract the customers to your travelling business?

A design that captivates and encourages the audience to go on new adventures and trust your agency to book their next flight. Whether you run a travelling agency or a travelling blogger, you need an excellent travelling logo to convince the audience to choose you.

In order to produce a great design, you need to have command on designing techniques, have the right skills and most importantly, a creative mind to get all those things together. If not, you can hire a logo design company to design an innovative design for your business.

Here are some design ideas which you can use to design a well-recognised travelling business.

A sense of long on-road adventures in design

Great way to attract customers to your business is to use vehicles in the design. Vehicles are often associated with movement and adventure. A design with vehicles becomes self-explanatory, providing the idea of travelling.

A logo with landmarks

Make use of famous landmarks around the world. Although it is commonly used in designing, but it can make your design successful. For example, you can use an image of Taj Mahal or arch of Augustus in Rome to grab attention. Experiment with symbols and choose the recognisable one.

Give a glimpse of your place

This is one of the ideas which doesn’t only market your travelling business but also your hotels. You can convey an honest opinion about your place and what your customers should expect from the place. This will not only work as recognition for your travelling business but also your hotel business.

Use planes for a logo for vacations

The image of the plane makes the clients desire for adventure and vacations. There are innumerable ways in which you can use the images in your design.

A design to evoke party people

You can choose to thrill the people with a picture of a carnival to attract party people or use a merry go round with a heavy tone of colours to ensure the thought of celebration and enjoyment. It can make the audience feel enthusiastic and happy to go on a vacation.

Designing with minimalism

To be successful at designing a successful and creative design is to make greater use of minimalism. Scale down your ideas to the most essential elements of your business and promote your business as a modern company.

A logo with a flair of nature

Channel your love for nature and create a design with green trees and fauna. This can be coupled with geographical uniqueness to make a design that is close to nature. The best approach to make it successful is to use locations known for attractive sites and beautiful landscapes.

Skyline your logo for a magical experience

Play with colours of the sky to highlight the horizon and use the artistic background to represent starry nights. You can also use images of bonfire nights or camping to showcase your services.

Hot air balloons to touch the sky

If you are using minimalist designs, you can always make use of hot air balloons in your design to attract the customers who are fond of adventure and like to fly around.

A design with a country silhouette

One of the ways to promote you’re travelling brand is to outline your city’s silhouette as your logo design. On the other hand, you could skip the outline and simply use a colourful version of your city, giving a dreamy quality to your design.

Make a design with a flair of fairytales.

Never hesitate in using images close to fantasy. A castle, a star or a famous scene from a fairytale that is relevant to your company name can work magic in advertising your agency.

The benefit with geometric shapes

If you want to go abstract, a geometric logo design can work for your business. You can use lines and circles or anything that suits your business can be beneficial. Add suitable colours in the design to be successful.

Design for ocean lovers

Use the ocean as the background of your design to portray the positive image of your business. It is a perfect image which depicts the vastness of your services and business growth.

Use your company name in design

Coupling your agency with an attractive background or perhaps a tourist destination; it can increase the appeal and memorability of the design as well as the name of your firm. However, you need to make sure you use legible font for your company’s name.

Symbolising earth in design

Using the earth in design is a creative approach to symbolize your travelling business. You can place the image in the background or morph it in the letters or use it as a simple image. There are limitless ways of being creative with the image.

A journey to roads that lies ahead

Although an excessively used idea, it still has the potential to sweep the viewer off their feet. The road is the heart and soul of travelling and using the image in the design can speak volumes about your business.

Maps for travellers

Using maps is another creative way to communicate your business ideas with the clients. You can make them colourful to increase the visual appeal of the design or keep it simple for the understandability of the viewers.

Making use of flags

Just like maps, you can also use flags in the design. You can use a single flag or more but avoid cluttering the image. Use fine lines for the boundaries and give space to make it comprehensible.

Flights on the go

A creative idea to design a travelling logo is to make use of planes and tickets depicting the nature of your business. A creative design such as this cannot go unnoticed. Add confident statements and promises to attract the clients.

A logo with destination

Picture this: a plain background coupled with suitable colours and a sunrise. It is a picture of a design which ensures the clients that they will be taken to someplace where they can explore and discover.

A logo according to a child’s point of view

A child views things differently. With a childish design, let your client feel that their dream of travelling and exploring the world is about to come true. Be imaginative with your design and unleash your creativity in to making an image which can evoke the inner child of your client.

Use backpacks for the journey

A backpack is a universal symbol associated with travellers. Using it in design can provide the clients an insight into the business you’re dealing with.

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