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How to win from Instagram’s Algorithm

Short overview

In this article, we will talk about the new algorithm of Instagram, which is one of the most popular social networking sites. Firstly, we will talk about how the feed is built from now on, based on three critical factors, which are interests, novelty, and relationships. After that, we will give you information about the other factors that are taken into account with the new Instagram algorithm, like frequency and use. After this, we will talk about the myths around the new algorithm. Lastly, we will give a conclusion about this article.


At the beginning of 2018, Instagram announced an adjustment of the algorithm. A more chronological and ‘fresh’ timeline, that’s the promise they made. On 4 June it was published that the social media network would start to roll out the new algorithm. Instagram also opened up about the way that the algorithm works.

In 2016, Instagram replaced the chronological feed with an algorithm. The response of users? Far from positive. But with this new update of the algorithm, Instagram seems to be listening to the feedback of their users. Unfortunately, the chronological timeline as we knew it, does not return in the same form as it was.

One of the complaints was that people thought that posts disappeared. But it seems that this is not true, Instagram indicates that no posts disappear. So if you scroll back in your timeline long enough, you’ll automatically see the posts from days ago.

How is the feed built from now on?

The feed will be built even better than before with the new algorithm based on your personal interests and the Instagram accounts you follow.

3 factors

During a meeting, Instagram said that when building the timeline, three critical factors are considered:

  • Interests: based on your Instagram usage, the algorithm determines the chances that you will find a new post interesting.
  • Novelty: a new Instagram post gets priority in a feed over a post of a few weeks old.
  • Relationship: posts from people you often like something about, in which you are tagged or under which you left a comment, also get more attention in your timeline.

That is why you should buy likes on Instagram. The use of Instagram services will help you become more popular, and therefore, Instagram’s algorithm will rank you higher in the timeline.

Flat Lay Photography of Calendar

More posts from friends and family

You can already see the interests in the ‘Discover’ function of Instagram. If you’re liking a video in which a cat appears once, there are a lot of other cat videos in your “Discover” page. The same applies to the themes that distinguish Instagram, such as Food, Animals, Photography and Music.

Are you tagged in a photo? Then Instagram sees this as a signal that you are good friends or family of the account that tagged you. And that will cause you to see more posts from that account in your timeline. Companies can make smart use of this by encouraging their followers to tag them in photos.

The people working at TechCrunch explain that Instagram uses machine learning. Based on your behavior on Instagram, a different timeline is created.

These following factors also play a role

In addition to these critical factors, other points are considered important in building your timeline:

  • Frequency: how often do you open your Instagram app? Instagram tries to ensure that you get to see new relevant posts every time you visit and open the app.
  • Track: if you follow many accounts, Instagram will want to show you posts from different accounts. As a result, you will not be able to see multiple posts from one specific account.
  • Use: how long do you use Instagram? This also affects the timeline. Do you often take a quick look or do you dive into the timeline for a longer time? With that information, Instagram also ensures that you continue to see the most exciting content.

Myths by Instagram

Because Instagram was acting quite mysteriously about the algorithm, there were of course also some rumors going around, which the platform now labels as myths.

More videos than photos?

Instagram indicated earlier that there is no priority given to videos, compared to photos. But when you as a user frequently like videos or react to videos, you will automatically see more videos in your timeline.

Personal profiles more visible?

Also, Instagram indicates that the visibility of posts of personal profiles is not better than that of company profiles. As a company, it is smart to use a company profile anyway, because you get more insights into your account.

Instagram Stories offers opportunities

The more people and businesses use Instagram, the less the reach of your posts will be. Because more users mean more posts, but not automatically that the users will use Instagram more or longer. And that can sometimes cause you not to scroll through your timeline so far until you have seen all the posts.

Companies seem to be forced to use Instagram ads. But Instagram Stories can also offer a solution in this case. These stories can provide a wide range among your followers, without using the timeline.

It is and remains essential to post content that people like. As long as your followers like your photos and videos and leave comments underneath, chances are that your posts will regularly pass in their timeline.


We began this article by talking about the new algorithm that Instagram introduced the fourth of June 2018. After that, we talked about how the new feed is built and which three critical factors play a role in this new algorithm. After that, we discussed the other factors that play a role in the new algorithm, such as frequency and use. And lastly, we talked about the myths around the new feed. In short, the new algorithm brings a whole new feed which a lot of people need to get used to. But it brings new opportunities, especially if you want to grow the number of followers you have.

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