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How conferences shape the gaming industry’s tech department

The gaming industry is developing at an unimaginable speed worldwide. Almost every month, a new game developer industry emerges hoping to establish itself in the array of best game developers. In most cases, they successfully manage to do it.

While it was rare decades ago now the countries are the ones who try to promote the industries expand their reach and influence. They understand that the high demand for video games generates substantial revenues which are beneficial for them as well. According to statistics, almost 2 billion people are actively playing video games.

This article will mainly focus on conferences and have insight, how they shape the gaming industry’s tech department.

Why are conferences essential?

In order to get better, attract most customers and simply improve the provided service, it is essential to hold events for informing the people about your activities. The same goes for gaming industries.

The conferences allow developers to grow rapidly, make an impression on people. Even attending others’ conferences can be extremely beneficial, as you can learn modern trends and take into consideration the mistakes they are making.

However, gaming industries are not the only ones that hold conferences for promoting reasons. Even online casinos tend to be organizing events. In particular, Norway is famous for funding such activities, and Rizk online casino was one of the principal operators that hosted a conference. The conference was regarding developing new games, improving customers’ service and promotions. It proved to be an effective method.

At conferences, prominent game developers exchange their ideas through education, networking, discussions. Some of them even display and sell their products, allowing attendants to see the whole process of creation even.

Notable conferences and events

As we have already discussed the importance of conferences in the gaming industry and how they improve the operation of the technical department, it is necessary to mention the conferences which will be held in the near future.

Let’s start with Ice London’s Gaming Innovation Showcase, which will take place between 2-4 February 2021. It will combine renowned professionals and game developers and explore the future of gaming with them.

Game Developers Conference features 750 lectures, panels, and tutorials by leading industry experts. It also demonstrates services and tools from companies like Amazon, Nvidia, Sony, Oculus. The conference is set to take place between March 16-20, 2020 in San Francisco.

And the final one is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3 which technically is much more than a simple conference. This year the event will begin on June 9 and finish on June 11 in Los Angeles.

It is an annual conference. Video game industries, hardware manufacturers, hold panels, to announce their plans. In terms of importance and impact, it is considered the most popular gaming event. With the development of streaming media, people now can publicly watch them on their TVs.

So now it is already clear why conferences matter and influence people’s preferences – it is all about raising popularity and awareness about the games.

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