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Codejaw’s Project “Glean”

Is there any thing like Jsfiddle for PHP? Well Codejaw’s Project Glean is the answer.

A Techno FAQ group member (name withheld on request) has designed this wonderful project for everyone to use.

Ever experienced problems troubleshooting some combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP? Well, there is now a solution. Glean is an on the fly compile engine for PHP, JS, CSS and HTML. It also supports every extension of client side JavaScript and CSS with its feature to include any external JS or CSS library. On top of that, you can use CSS3 and HTML5 as well.

How is Glean Different from other similar services? Well, Glean provides execution of server side language PHP in a new safe environment mode, which improves security while execution. In short it makes things much more simpler and safer. You can share your code by using “Save” feature which provides a unique URL (e.g suitable for sharing on any social network or forum, just like a pastebin. Project Glean is really easy to use with its user friendly GUI, and is an advanced form of the original Codejaw. You can always use Glean at




Do give it a shot!

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