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What to Expect From Capcom Fighting Collection

People of a certain age will remember what it was like to put quarters into an arcade game and fight for their life. There was often a lineup of like-minded people, and you would all cheer and groan as you battled one another. For some, those were the good old days. If you’ve been waiting for these games to come back, you’re in luck. Fighting games have the power to bring you back to the golden years. Luckily, these games are available on many online video game stores, such as YuPlay. Here’s a list of the best Capcom fighting games.

Red Earth

If you like a little bit of fantasy mixed in with your fighting, then Red Earth might be for you. It’s a unique fighting gameplay system that implements elements of role-playing games. You can play as fantasy characters like King Leo, with his lion mane, and Tessa, the witch. While you can play a story mode single-player, the two-player option is where the action is. Take your fighter through the kingdom of Greedia to save the day or to perish. Red Earth is available outside of arcades for the first time.

Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness

Cyberbots was the game that gave us Jin Saotome. While many gamers have heard of him, very few have played the game in which he first appeared. As opposed to choosing a fighter, players choose the fighting armor they wish to fight in. Each one has a specific move set with its own benefits and drawbacks. The pilot is the human player underneath the suit. Choosing the pilot will determine what story you will follow.


No need to look for the complete collection, get all 5 Darkstalker games in one place. This is the first time they’re available outside Japan in a combined edition. There’s a whole host of exciting and popular characters to choose from. You can play as Morrigan who has charm and skills. There is also the fun-loving Felicia, who lives in the water. These games are monstrous fun and bring the excitement and style of anime to video gaming.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

This one is for puzzle fans who also like fighting games. Take control of your favorite characters from Darkstalkers, Cyberbots, or Street Fighter and puzzle your way to victory. You have your fights, but if you match the blocks as they appear, you can deal a debilitating blow to your enemy. If you get the diamond block, you will win the game and destroy the enemy.

Hyper Street Fighter II

The game that started it all. Street Fighter II is an all-time classic and for a good reason. It catapulted fighting games to the top of the video game sales lists and inspired many copycats and wannabes. Hyper Street Fighter II contains all five versions of the game. As arcade games became more popular, Capcom released new versions with new features. Now they are available to you for all of your skull-bashing glory.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

Maybe the rough stuff isn’t for you, but that’s okay. You have Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix to get you through. While the fighting is still there, you have cute chibi designs of the characters from Street Fighter, Red Earth, and Darkstalkers. You can choose characters who must use power-ups and treasure chests to unlock new powers and defeat enemies. It’s a chaotic and frenetic romp through space and time.


With all of these games included in one place, you might think that’s enough. But there’s more to Capcom Fighting Collection. For one, there is an online mode that you can enable for all the games. You can choose a spectator mode where you can watch others battle each other.

Training mode allows you to practice the most difficult combinations and special moves, so you bring them out when the chips are down or want to finish a tough opponent.

Fighter awards allow you to try your hand at challenges and games to see if you can win the prize and get the bragging rights. Plus, there are 400 music tracks to select from to have the perfect background music for your battles.

If you’re looking to bring back the feeling of pushing your quarters in the machine, or whether you’re a younger gamer looking for some retro gaming, Capcom Fighting Collection may be just what you are looking for.

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